Tons of ANA first class award availability for early next year!

ANA first class award seats are typically among the hardest to come by. For months at a time you won’t see a single award seat, and then all of a sudden they’ll open up a bunch of seats, typically for early in the year (January-February). Anyway, it seems like they’ve opened up quite a bit of award space for early next year, with many flights having two first class award seats available.

Most of the seats seem to be available from Chicago, along with some seats from Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Washington Dulles flight has been downgraded to a two cabin flight, or else they might have some first class award seats available as well. Unfortunately ANA premium cabin service seems to have gone downhill this year due to the recession, but I’d say they still offer a darn good product.

Get ’em while they’re hot….

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  1. I’ve booked a few of these for folks. This is the ‘new normal.’

    December – March or so ANA First Class redemptions become pretty available, even for 2 people (in a cabin of 8).

    But then there’s pretty much nothing, until schedules for the following December come around again.

    For this past year I managed mid-April, pretty much the last available date before availability turned into a pumpkin again.

    December – March isn’t the best time for travel to Japan (though the end of March MIGHT overlap with cherry blossoms), but great for connecting on to South Asia.

  2. Watch the fuel surchages – they’re heading up soon. (ANA tickets are imposing fuel surcharge at the begining of next month)

    That game has ended quickly it seems.

  3. @Kevincm fuel surcharges are based on policy of (and accrue to) ticketing airline, not airline flown, Though I’d be willing to pay surcharges for NH F compared to, say, UA F! 😛

  4. @ Gene — As far as I know, Starnet blocking is extremely limited for NH F. Can’t beat ticketing an NH F award with UA miles either, given that you’ll pay about $50 in taxes max.

  5. Lucky, it’s not my experience unfortunately. While ANA tool showed some F award availability for LAX-NRT or SFO-NRT earlier this year, UA agents kept telling me they did not see anything…

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