Tomorrow morning looking bumpalicious…. too bad I won’t get any of the action

So just for the heck of it I checked to see how full my TPA-ORD flight is tomorrow, and noticed it was Y0. Sadly tomorrow I’m in a situation where I really can’t take a bump (especially because I’m meeting up with my friend at ORD and we’re flying ORD-NRT together on NH), but the opportunity may still present itself. At this point I’m praying that inventory management works their magic and sells the flight just right so I won’t have a massive headache…

Anyone have any creative ideas?

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  1. Strictly speaking(or with some karma) you should get the Up. Especially given your previous post about making UA a better airline. I wish you luck and from a co-workers flight x-ORD to NRT, watch for the ground crew bowing. As far as i’m concerned anything Japanese for a traveller = good. ie land NRT in the bus to go to IC within 30 minutes, I can’t even do that in my home country. AAARRGGHH

  2. ‘mornin Lucky

    Hope to see ya in ORD this AM!

    ORD is sure looking like a mess today. Most if not all of the ORD-LGA flights are zeroed out so I’ll be spending my 1st time in the new RCC trying to figure out my best bump options. Your input would of course be most welcome!

    anyways, wishing you a great adventure on your trip and above all…

    safe travels


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