Tom Daley Fuel Dumps!

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British diver/honorary sixth member of One Direction, Tom Daley, posted a photo on Instagram yesterday with the following caption:

Just had to make an emergency landing in Irkutsk, Russia on the way back from Shanghai. Here’s the pic of the fuel dump before landing.


He was returning from Shanghai to London Heathrow on a Virgin Atlantic A340-600, from the looks of it (not that I know all this off the top of my head or anything), and they had to dump fuel and do an emergency landing in Irkutsk, Russia. If I’m not mistaken he was returning from the Diving World Cup.


Now, I’m happy everything is okay, but was I the only one that had two thoughts:

  • Quite possibly the most famous diver that placed fourth at the Diving World Cup is seated behind the wing?
  • Wrong kind of fuel dump, Tom. Wrong kind of fuel dump.

If only he were paying attention to the miles & points world, he could have certainly flown business class for less than economy on this trip. If you ever need help, Tom, just let me know — you’ll never have to be in the back again!

  1. Andrew B. stole my comment.

    I was going to make a joke about a “dumper” somehow, but that would feel crass and would bring down the genteel level of discourse here. šŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for the mention, although I think it would still be a fun experience to be on a plane while it’s dumping fuel (the real kind).

  3. Let’s get Kickstarter going again for the Residences – with Tom as your guest. I’ll double my original contribution.


  4. Lucky I think you are just bringing more attention on your account by mentioning that. I am sure AA Security will make a note of it. Other alliances as well imo.

  5. Me thinks he was in premium class. He just found a willing coach passenger he could flop on in order to get this angle.

  6. Who’s Tom Daley and what does he have to do with Miles and Points? He’s clearly not into it and frankly your homosexual impulses need to be kept separate from your blog.

  7. My friend Stu was on that flight! He had quite the tale to tell once he finally made it to London!!!

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