Tomorrow I embark on an epicurean and bathroom driven journey…

There’s no doubt in the travel blogger sphere Gary takes the cake for being the ultimate foodie. I mean, he flew to Spain just for dinner, so I think that says it all.

My food vocabulary is limited to “amazing,” “meh,” and “bleh,” and that’s why I keep my descriptions of food short. Could the risotto have used used a pinch more olive oil or is there too much pea-ness going on in a dish (video below)? Meh, I dunno. And that’s probably because for me, microwaving a Lean Cuisine is a culinary feat.

But I can appreciate a good steak or piece of fish, it’s just the 23 course, “deconstructed” meals that are lost on me.

Still, I’ve been inspired by Gary. And tomorrow I’m embarking on an epicurean journey of my own. Much like Gary I’ll hop on a plane with the (near) sole purpose of dining at a restaurant, and I’m damn excited! Now, I’m not sure everyone will agree this is a “destination” restaurant, but that won’t stop me from sharing my experiences…

From there I’ll be taking a longhaul flight that I believe will complete one of my “top five” lists. I often write about what I consider to be the top five products, be it first class hard products, lounges, etc.

What’s the next top five list, you ask? How about top five airplane bathrooms? I think I’ll finally experience the airplane bathroom that will let me round off the list.

I need to start drinking. Or find a new hobby. Or something.

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  1. My wife and I once flew JFK-SFO for dinner at Kinkaids. There might have been a mileage run involved.

  2. Hmm, Top 5 Bathrooms in the sky — Emirates A380 (Shower), Lufthansa A380 (Huge), Thai A380 (Powder area), coming up short on the last two… Maybe the Tu-134 (roof window)

  3. Hi Ben. I know you don’t block/screen posts, but this hateful post from Scott is annoying. Any clue on your foodie destination ? The Epicurean is opening soon here in Tampa!

  4. There is a difference between being a “foodie” and liking to eat. I wouldn’t say Gary is the “ultimate foodie.”

  5. @mark indeed, being a “foodie” requires a minimum level of dbaggery, like, for example, your comment

  6. Oh man…..I thought for sure you were making a Boba pilgrimage. Sad to hear it’s just a mere restaurant. Whatever it is enjoy!

  7. I think one of your many pictures of caviar accompanied by Diet Coke to highlight this post. Isn’t that your SQ, TG and LH F palate warmer?

  8. Hmm. But afaik, the only long-haul flight departing from PHX is BA’s 747 to LHR… and I’ve never heard of it having a particularly awesome bathroom. Mysterious…

  9. A pinch of olive oil……….
    That sums it all.
    Have you ever cooked anything at home?
    I like Gary’s blog but he ain’t no culinary star in my book; there are tons of great food blogs out there.

  10. “I can appreciate a good steak or piece of fish, itā€™s just the 23 course, ‘deconstructed’ meals that are lost on me.”

    The first time I had a deconstructed turkey potpie I didn’t know what to think. However, when I tasted it I was blown away. Everything had been prepared separately, which seems to go against the whole idea of a potpie, but the result was that nothing was undercooked or overcooked by virtue of being locked into a combined cooking process. The peas were bursting with flavor, the carrots were cooked to the brief moment in time when they’re neither too crunchy nor too limp, and the “crust” was baked to flaky perfection. Nothing in that entree went unnoticed and as a result the experience was truly amazing.

    Large numbers of small courses operates on a similar premise but focused on the presentation and consumption. By dividing everything into its own course you’re able to focus your attention on each individual item with a clear mind and palate.

    Is it all a bit pretentious? Sure, I can see that, but the results are absolutely worth effort. Not to mention that the effort is being handled by the staff. All you have to do is show a bit of civilized sophistication and enjoy.

    “Iā€™ve been inspired by Gary…”

    Lucky, I enjoy your blog precisely because it does NOT waste my time with questionable ethics, ambiguous morals, and endless diatribes involving confusing and often contradictory political positions like Gary’s features. Frankly, the less inspiration you take from his blog the better, in my opinion.

    That being said, the one memorable thing I did take away from his blog was that there are some incredible looking lemon poppy seed pancakes I need to try some day. Maybe during a certain extended layover I recently scheduled through JFK/LGA.

  11. This is an easy one. You’re heading to Arizona partially to take advantage of the cheap hotel rates AND enjoy the culinary specialties of Amy’s Baking Company. Drawing a blank on your flight though. Partial credit?

  12. I think you are going to enjoy an “awesome” Chateubriand on a “spectacular” Royal Jordanian flight ! šŸ™‚

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