This is a new one for me….

Going through the TSA checkpoint moments ago here in TPA at the unholy hour of 4:45AM, I witnessed something I haven’t seen in years. A young guy with baggy pants, a backwards baseball cap, and enough bling to break a metal detector comes to the checkpoint with his boarding pass. The conversation from there goes something like this:

ID Checker: Can I see your ID please?
Dude: My ID? Man, they ain’t tell me I need no ID.
ID Checker: Yes, you need an ID. You don’t even have a wallet?
Dude: No, why would I have that?
ID Checker: You have nothing with your name on it?
Dude: No. Man, is they gonna let me fly? No one told me I needed an ID….

At that point I switched lines to actually get through the checkpoint. I think I found the last person in this country that didn’t know you need an ID to fly (fine, technically you don’t, but he wasn’t trying to be a maverick, obviously). Had this been an Australian or some smartass I would have guessed otherwise, but he genuinely didn’t realize one would ever need an ID to fly.

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  1. I think I can do you one better, though I don’t know how that guy’s situation turned out. On a flight from SFO to PDX earlier this year, a woman didn’t have a state-issued ID or passport and the TSA agent accepted a Costco card with her photo on it! No joke. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I never would have believed it.

  2. ROFLMAO, Despina! That’s too funny. Oh my gosh, I can only picture it. Now I want to get a Costco card, just to see the reaction. Hahahaha….

  3. he he…thanks for the laughs…I wonder if a Costco branded AmEx would work as a state valid ID (then again, Costco card are valid for all 50 states 🙂

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