“They’ll hold the plane for us”

That’s without a doubt the biggest lie in the airline industry. No they won’t hold the plane just for you, actually.

More to come in a few hours. 😉

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  1. It’s funny you say that, DiscoPapa, because I remember a recent evening delay out of SEA where we had a ground hold for about two hours, which reminds me of that. Everyone was worried about missing their redeye connections. Across the aisle from me was a 747 captain heading to SYD, and next to him was a passenger heading to PHL. The passenger heading to PHL was one of the most nervous passengers I’ve ever seen as far as missing his connection goes, while the captain was (obviously) not worried. Eventually the PHL passengers says “Aren’t you worried you’ll miss your flight, after all it’s a long one?” The captain, with an indescribable smirk on his face says “Nah, I have a feeling they’re not going far without me.”

    OK, that was lame in writing, but the way he said it was classic.

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