They call this a wing clip?!?

Folks, this is why you should always keep your seatbelt fastened, even while on the ground.

Many of you may have heard of the “wing clip” at JFK a couple of nights ago between an Air France A380 and Comair CRJ-700. When I heard there was a wing clip I didn’t think twice about it, because it’s not all that uncommon, and frankly, usually not a huge deal.

Then I saw the video of the wing clip from Monday night. Holy cow, this is hardly a wing “clip.” The CRJ-700 spins a full 90 degrees.

Unbelievable footage. I can’t even imagine what it was like for those in the CRJ-700. After watching that video I’m surprised (and relived) that there were no injuries.

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  1. I can’t imagine that EITHER of these aircraft fly for the next several weeks, they must take this A380 out of service to check for structural issues, no?

  2. The first time I saw the video, I laughed. The second time, I said to myself OMG! That wasnt a wing bump, that was a collision! And I am amazed nobody got hurt!!!

  3. NTSB…Where is NTSB??

    It sounds like plane crash more than something else (collision is nothing).

  4. Eh, eet ees just like ze Place de l’Étoile ici à Kennedy, non? You try to change ze lane and BOF! Ze little tinny machine, ee is in ze way, et je crashe into eem.

    I bet there were some “Gallic gesticulations” going on in that cockpit…

  5. @John from Australian, etc.,etc.,

    Pretty funny, John. But watch the video again and try to imagine what was going on in the cockpit of the CRJ!

    Just watched a news report about the incident and there is speculation that the CRJ was too close to the A 380. Ya think?

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