There’s an American 757 with Wi-Fi out there — help prove me right!

Long story short I’m having a bit of an argument with a mob on the internet. I know, stay away from mobs and stay away from arguing on the interwebs — nothing good ever comes of either!

But here’s the deal. Someone made the statement in a certain Facebook group that no American 757s have Wi-Fi. I used to think that was the case, but a few weeks ago I flew an American 757 with Wi-Fi. I was in absolute shock, since I too was of the belief that no American 757s had Wi-Fi. But that one did, and I was pleasantly surprised. I haven’t seen another 757 with Wi-Fi since (even though I’ve been on many that have been reconfigured with the new seats), but I’m absolutely positive it happened.

It’s probably just one or two planes out there with it right now, but here’s the problem: the people on the interwebs don’t believe me, and they’re basically calling me crazy. Someone even asked Gogo on Facebook, and Gogo confirmed no American 757s have Wi-Fi. But that’s not true, and it wouldn’t be the first time someone got wrong information from social media.

Anyway, can anyone help prove me right here? I know for a fact I flew on an American 757 with wifi, and it even showed on the flight status page as having Wi-Fi. So anyone know the tail number of the 757(s) with wifi, or otherwise know of a flight that’s operating with it, so I can show the flight status page with the Wi-Fi logo?

Yes, I’m totally embarrassed I’m getting you guys involved in an internet fight but you’re the smartest bunch I know. šŸ˜€

I promise to make up for it tomorrow with a useful post about how much I love the weather in Seattle. šŸ˜‰

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  1. @ Sak — The plane was wifi equipped, though only worked for the last 100 miles as we approached the coast.

  2. Not sure if there’s any good way to check tail numbers on FlightAware. Maybe can reach out to twitter team.

  3. Or, actually, here’s an easier way :). You can use to check sea-dfw 2155 on Monday 10/22. Flight status will show WiFi. Any other website such as flightaware will show that flight as 752.

    There aren’t that many places from SEA where it could’ve gone, so finding next flight was easy.

  4. The knowledge level in that particular group varies in accuracy. There’s been one particular member that swears up and down that it is a published benefit that AA EXPs get unlimited free upgrades on AS. It’s ironic that they’re calling you crazy šŸ˜›

  5. @ oleg — WOOOHOOO! Awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    @ KateFromCA — LOL, only in this regard.

  6. Lets be honest … you had your own posse in the fight, too. Lol. It was a bit like West Side Story. Sharks vs Jets!

  7. I was on AA1017 MIA-AUA on 21OCT on a 757 aircraft with Gogo wifi (which didn’t work given that we flew out of the USA but the wifi signal was clearly available, I tried it myself)

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