There’s a new bump king in town….

….and it ain’t me! Check out this FlyerTalk thread started by hobo13. He was supposed to fly from Buenos Aires to Washington a few days ago with his wife returning from a vacation, but it got extended — at United’s expense! He and his wife both bumped off the same flight four nights in a row. That’s $600 in travel credits per person per flight, or $4,800 total. Well done, sir!

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  1. Thanks Ben!

    Just remember — you are still the MR King. You don’t need to log 75k this month just to retain the title! (But I’ve got a feeling you are going to anyway!)


    Now you can use those $ cert for DEQM in February and retain 1K for 2011.


  3. That’s a lot of travel credit. I hope he’s got plans to use all of it by year end, otherwise, it was a waste of time.

  4. Mark – I regularly “roll over” unused United tickets – I don’t need to use their value within a year. The trick is to book and ticket fares without a change fee within the first year, repeat as needed, then book the fare you want when you’re actually ready to travel. I suspect the same trick will work with bump vouchers.

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