There has never been a better time to move to Australia….

Interestingly enough, United has extended the double/triple EQM promotion until October 15Ā for residents of Australia and New Zealand. I think it’s fair to say that this has something to do with Delta entering the market. Despite it being the low season down under, there has never been a better time to “live” there. šŸ˜‰

That being said, I have no intention of “moving” to Australia. I have a feeling United will have a lucrative promotion later in the year, and chances are that it’ll be for US residents only (or at the very least exclude some other countries). Given that I have 300,000 EQM’s so far this year with the double EQM promotion and don’t plan on traveling a whole lot on revenue tickets after tomorrow, I’ll sit on the sidelines and watch.

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  1. Lucky – How about a post documenting the cost of your travels over the past couple of months. I think it would be fascinating to see how little you spent to get that 300K.

    Also, I’d love to see a breakdown of your mileage totals across your various plans and airlines.

    I think that would be fascinating.

  2. Agree with Eric. But include the vouchers. They are not zero value (if you disagree, send me all the remaining ones; I’ll cover postage) šŸ™‚

    Personally, I’d be very careful with trying to move, virtually, to Australia. UA isn’t completely stupid and they surely either anticipated this or saw the discussions on FT. And since they are the final abitrators of Mileage Plus rules (or should I say, prosecutor, judge and executor), it wouldn’t shock me to see later in the year a few “Mileage Plus is auditing my account” threads. Would really suck to get your account closed after collecting all those DEQMs (and presumably spending extra on time/MRs to get them).

  3. @ Eric & Oliver — I promise a post like that once the double EQM’s post. I have a reason for waiting. As far as vouchers go, I agree and at the same time disagree. They have no cash value and I earn them through my travels. It’s not like I had to buy them, got them from other activity, etc. Keep in mind anyone can read this and there are some things I’m better off not discussing.

    @ SAN Greg — šŸ˜€ You know, it’s sad, but the only time I “rest” is when I travel and the aircraft door is closed. That’s why mileage runs are like vacations for me. I can be disconnected for hours at a time, which otherwise doesn’t happen.

  4. What are you going to do when WiFi and Flyertalk are available on the plane? There will be no escaping being wired into the system lucky.:D

  5. So I haven’t been following the UA Aussie DEQM thread, but it seems like UA modified the rules somehow and now these virtual moves may not work.

    I’m not saying that I’m going to do it, so don’t get excited, but I think it’s worth talking about. But the problem is that the United FT forum seems to be filling up with either United employees, or anti-fraudsters, who just monopolize the discussion.

    Anyway, I’m wondering what the latest on this is — is it even possible to do the virtual move anymore? Or is that option off the table? And if it ought not to be discussed here either, please remove this comment, Ben, and I’ll PM you directly.

  6. @ hobo13 — To be honest I haven’t been following it either. It’s not something I really considered, since I’m convinced we’ll see some promo later in the year for US residents only. Even after reading the thread it’s pretty confusing, but it seems that the address in one’s profile at the time of signing up for the original DEQM promotion is what counts.

    I might be wrong, though.

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