There goes my bump!

As I posted about a few days ago, I booked a mileage run for today. My flight was supposed to be at 9:13AM, so I woke up at 6:45AM. I went to my computer, clicked on “My Itineraries,” and was shocked to see that my new routing was TPA-IAD-DEN-SEA instead of TPA-IAD-SFO-SEA, which I originally booked. For a moment I thought it was a bad dream (come on, I’m more creative than such a routing), but I quickly realized it was just a painful reality.

I checked my TPA-IAD flight and saw that it had a two hour “crew delay.” I then checked the inbound flight, and it seems like the crew was inbound from ORD, since that flight was nearly three hours late.

I still decided to head to the airport since I was already awake, and was helped by a very nice agent. Sadly my IAD-SFO-SEA routing looked like a perfect opportunity to get some bumps, since both flights were basically zeroed out. While I can request original routing credit for my new itinerary, I can’t request bump credit!

Oh well, I’m hoping the stars align and somehow one of the flights still ends up oversold.

I’ll try to provide updates every once in a while, and I have my fingers crossed.

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  1. 😀 Bummer dude.

    If you do fly DEN-SEA, you’ll likely fly right over me. Wave. 😉

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