The next time you think your airline/hotel compensation is low…

The next time you complain to customer relations about a delayed flight or smelly hotel room, consider what Carnival/Costa offered those that were on the Costa Concordia:

The offer from Carnival, the world’s largest cruise operator, comes with strings attached. The 30-per-cent discount is available only for sail within 18 months of the original cruise date, the company confirmed in a memo to the Huffington Post.

Yes, a 30% discount off a future cruise. Un-&#$^*@-believable.

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  1. They also got their fare refunded. Not to mention later compensation for their lost possessions which passengers will need to claim…

    No word yet on compensation for what the passengers had to go through but I’m sure carnivals trying to find a way to get out of that…

  2. How kind of them to offer 30% off??? lol
    I’d expect that passengers from the Concordia would not be going on another cruise for a very long time…

  3. The 30% off is for people who had booked a cruise on the Costa Concordia after the accident. We had booked a the same cruise starting on Feb. 13th and this is what we were offered. I imagine the passengers will properly compensated for their ordeal! Won´t they??

  4. @ Sara – doubt it – when you sign the “electronic slip” or terms of carriage no one ever reads it says you agree NOT to sue the cruse line personally or as a group. I was on a NCL cruse last year with a broken motor. We sailed around where ever the captain could take us. We got $100 on board and $100 towards another 5 day or more cruse! Never again NCL for me! Once they have your money all you have the right to do is get off the boat.

  5. Yeah that is sad. My brother was on the US Airways flight that landed into the Hudson River 2 years ago and within a few days, they gave all passengers $5k for reimbursements. Then maybe a year later they gave everyone $10k to not sue them for emotional distress as a few passengers were claiming. He gladly signed and took the $.

  6. US Airways for sure did the right thing on the Hudson, in fact above and beyond as flying birds were outside their control.

    The Carnival shipwreck was caused by them. They willfully changed course of the ship and placed passengers in harms way outside of the normal ships course.

  7. I was on a costa cruise justin November, it couldn’t get to port in Venice, so they moved us to Triste, they only made 1 announcement about the change of ports! Then we got to Triste by bus (provided by costa) and it just let us off in the middle of the city. We had to walk over 2 miles to the port with no directions, thankfully the boat was visable in the distance! Once we got there it was per chaos and no on knew what was happening. Every cruise employee you asked told us they didn’t know what was happening or when we would board! Finally at 10pm (7 hours after our boat was supposed to depart from Venice) we were allowed to board the Costa Cruise! During this time no food, drinks, water, or anything was provided. There was also NOT a SINGLE apology! When I wrote in and complained they offered me $61 off a FUTURE cruise! HA $61 to be used within 12 months! Oh and did I mention due the change our 1st port of call was changed from noon-6pm to instead 5pm-8pm (and EVERYTHING in the port was basically closed) and all tours for the port was canceled! Shame on Costa!

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