The most distrubing airplane footage you may ever see

I’ve seen every episode of “Air Crash Investigation” and even though most of the footage is computer generated, it can still be tough to watch sometimes.

Well, yesterday a National Airlines 747-400 freighter crashed after takeoff at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, and all seven crew members died.

Just this morning some footage was released of the crash taken from a car passing by, which can be found here.

My gosh, that’s really, really tough to watch. It’s pretty clear based on the video that the plane had a high pitch attitude and then stalled.

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  1. Man, watching all these videos is not good for frequent flyers like us, I had jitters flying after watching this video and boarding my flight.

  2. A horrific tragedy.

    NAC has a very bad reputation for cutting corners when it comes to loading their aircraft. I’ve seen USAF crews walk away from their birds while loading, so as not to be held responsible for any possible mishap.

    They were carrying MRAPs, which weight a couple of tons each. Bargam requires a pretty steep asset after takeoff.

    Speculation is there was a load shift in the back, and a couple of tons cargo shifted to the back of the plane, causing the near vertical angle shortly after takeoff and the subsequent stall.

    Good speed and fair winds brothers….

  3. I saw that a couple hours ago and still haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Glad I’m not flying this week.

  4. I didn’t click on the link. Why would any of us want to see that? I have enough anxiety about flying already. I guess the lesson to be learned here is not to fly National Airlines out of Bagram ?

  5. Wow… yeah, that thing was just floating there. Cargo shift to back of plane makes sense. You’d think people would learn how important aviation safety is….

  6. I flew on that exact aircraft in June 2001 when it was operating (as a pax a/c) for Air France as F-GISE between CDG and JFK.

    Horrible video.

  7. Woow, this is a really close call for the guy in the car (and the bus!)… I’d totally pee my pants.

    And I totally aggree, this is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen. The Air Crash Investigation episodes at least have some background information, they explain what has to be done etc…
    After watching Air Crash Investigation, I actually feel more safe on a plane because I know what are the symptoms of something going wrong. But watching this is just so disturbing…

  8. That does look like either an elevator gave out or cargo shifted to the back of the plane to put it in such a vertical pitch. That being said, that is some SCARY footage.

  9. There was a similar crash in Miami in 1997. The cargo was not secured and it shifted to the back. This wont happen on a regular passenger aircraft as cargo is spread all over and passengers are usually the main cargo. Well, unless Ben eats all the first class food before take of that is!

    What a horrible stall, specially at such low speed.

  10. I’d rather go out like this then AF447 or Swissair 111 which must have been a nightmare for pax

  11. Wow. I met several National Air Cargo crew members while they were staying at the same hotel as me late last year.

    Really nice folks. Talked a while about aviation and other things.

    My thoughts go out to the families of this crew.

  12. I think this tops the video of Air France Concorde and United 232 crashes, as it shows the actual impact, which is very rare to capture. It could become more infamous than the still photos of American 191 at ORD or the PSA 727 crash near SAN in the 1970s.

  13. Wow – that is just hard to watch. Yet I kept hitting the play button.

    RIP to those that have made sacrifices overseas to protect national interests.

  14. Thanks, I guess. I’ve seen the video elsewhere, once in shock and a twice more to be sure of what I was seeing. While the video is far from ideal, the airplane does ‘seem’ to have an excessive AOA, Angle of Attack. As is usually the case, it will be 12-18 months before the investigation report is published and, until then, our speculation is worthless. Even when the final report is published, it may not answer the most important question – WHY? Until then. my thoughts and empathy rest with the families of the seven lost aviators, not speculation about the cause. The single video seen so far does not really tell us much beyond that the airplane stalled and returned to earth. Let’s please wait until we have more facts before drawing conclusions. Today, our thoughts should be with the families and friends of the seven souls lost.

  15. My guess is that CJ nailed it and seeing that doesn’t make me fear the passenger version of that jet because all the cargo is more securely tied down by seat belts………I’ll bet that loadmaster requirements in theatre get beefed up as a result as their is a lot of equipment that is about to start flowing out………….

  16. Addendum: No, this is not the worst that you’ll ever see. Yje difference is that this was -apparently – posted raw and before any of the many stakeholders could edit it. As a comparison, consider the B-52 crash at Spokane some years ago. There are several views of that horrible crash, but USAF managed to capture and edit most of them before they were released. In the B-52/Spokane crash, the pilot turned out to be a well-known hot-dog type and several of his superiors paid a price. In this case, a ‘hot-dogging’ pilot is extremely unlikely, especially with what sounds like a heavy load and on a length-limited field. As much as I would like to know – right now – I’ll wait for the investigation to run its course. A catastrophic load shift is easily within the realm – and easier to swallow than is a hot-dog.

  17. I was at the gym today and saw the footage on a news update and thought OMG. Scary footage!

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