The industry loses a CEO….

…. and sadly it’s not Glenn. šŸ™

Larry Kellner, Continental’s CEO, will be resigning at the end of the year. While he’ no Gordon Bethune or Herb Kelleher, he’s well respected (overall) by the employees, which is no small feat for a legacy, and of course by the customers. He’s a down to earth guy and the fact that he supported the Continental FlyerTalk events makes him all the more awesome of a guy.

Larry chose a good time to leave, I think. The industry will continue to be challenging in the foreseeable future, but now that Continental should be able to join the Star Alliance, it’s a good time to pass the airline on to someone else. So I guess the big question is whether Jeff will take a different approach to running the airline. Will we see a Continental/United merger seriously pursued? The industry does need consolidation, so maybe it’s time for Continental and United to have one more blind date?

Oh, and the real question is how quickly Jeff will be appearing in the safety videos. šŸ˜‰

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  1. I don’t think Larry blinks the entire time. It’s better than Glenn, though, who doesn’t make a reflection in the mirror.

  2. I won’t miss that nasal voice of his, that’s for sure, but he was a good CEO. šŸ™

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