The Hilton Trafalgar London…. are you kidding me?

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I booked award tickets on Virgin Atlantic for my brother and his girlfriend to go to London, and for one night of their stay they’ll be at the Hilton Trafalgar on points. Yesterday I got an email from the “Guest Services Co-Ordinator” with the subject line reading “the trafalgar.” While it comes from a Hilton email address, it strikes me as being odd to have such a general subject line without any caps. Maybe something like “Information about you your upcoming stay at the Hilton Trafalgar” would be more appropriate? 

Today I received yet another email from the same person, talking about a “guest exclusive dining option.” The email subject line this time is simply “market menu,” as if I’m supposed to know what the hell that is. The most ridiculous thing is that I can see all the people she emailed this to, instead of BCC’ing people.

This seems to be a pricey and generally well regarded hotel. Are you friggin’ kidding me?

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  1. How disappointing, the Sheraton Belgravia (picked instead of the Traflagar) sent a very personalized email AND initiated the contact via phone. Staying on a CHEAP Best Rate Guarantee rate and am a peon with SPG (versus Gold with Hilton).

  2. Since your email address was already exposed, start a flame war. Do a reply-all and flame the hotel person. Sit back and watch the flood of “please stop copying me” sent to all 🙂

  3. Hilton having any sort of sense of guest privacy? Are you kidding?

    I especially liked an email I received from the in 2007 when they alerted me and about 50 other people that they had sold the DoubleTree I was booked at to another company. Thanks Hilton for being so professional.

    Simply put, I liked keeping my company secretive for good reason, but you just broadcast to 50+ people you have an employee named bs staying at your hotel.

    Talk about lack of privacy, I made them switch my hotel for that.

    Simply put, Hilton Corporation has no idea how to handle privacy and emails, that is why I dump all of their emails to a junk address that forwards to me.

  4. Regarding the email that was issued by the Trafalgar Hotel earlier this week, we would like to reassure everyone that it is not the policy or typical procedure of Hilton Hotels to disclose personal contact details of our guests. This was an unfortunate case of human error and we apologise for any distress it may have caused.

  5. I’m staying at the Trafalgar in August… now I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t get an email! (It would have really annoyed me to have my email exposed like that.)

    Makes me think I might have chosen the wrong hotel for my trip….

  6. I just got the following email from someone at The Trafalgar:

    “Dear Guest,

    Please delete our previous e-mail containing this message sent at approximately 3 p.m. on Thursday, 21st May. Unfortunately, that e-mail mistakenly showed recipients’ e-mail addresses. Please be assured that we will take steps to ensure that this does not happen again. We apologize for this error and for any inconvenience or upset caused by it.”

    Not that I was expecting anything, but that’s about as insincere of an apology as I’ve ever received for anything. Beyond that, they can’t even send out individual emails to everyone and address them by name?


  7. so i went to check out the trafalgar rooftop yesterday after reading about it in time out magazine. i love the rooftops in nyc such as gonsevoort or empire hotel.

    anyway, there was a wait so i got a beeper and had a drink at the bar. nice space but the drinks were absolutely terrible with menus that are crumbled and dirty from overuse. can somebody please change them once in a while?!

    as a hotel non guest you pay 5 GBP which is whatever. the rooftop has no protection walls and they serve in glassware so i am going to wait until somebody actually throws a glass down the street and injures somebody. a nice lawsuit to happen. the restrooms there are what i think were back of the house areas and probably havent been renovated the past 20 years. so my verdict is great idea but only half way decently done….come one hilton, tsk tsk.

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