The first time I’m tempted to go out of my way to stay at a Holiday Inn…

In June I wrote a post about my favorite hotel pools, my favorite of which has to be at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which has an outdoor infinity pool on the 57th floor.

However, I might have to add a pool to the list. Reader Brent sent me a link to an article about the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao, which has a 24th floor pool that’s suspended over the side of the building with a glass floor looking down on the street.

Has anyone stayed here and/or swam in the pool? Would love to hear some experiences!

I’ll be spending at least one night here the next time I’m in Shanghai!

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  1. That’s gorgeous, amazing and TERRIFYING! I’m feeling queasy at the thought of it. Take pics!

  2. That’s neat. I’d totally swim it if I get the opportunity, though I’d be more concerned about structural safety than the height factor.

    Swimming is relaxing (former swimmer), so it seems like a relaxing activity with a great view!

  3. Your post is a day late! I just left PVG a few hours ago (writing this from the CX F Piers lounge near gate 63). I would have definitely given up a night at the JWM to try that out, especially to see what bennies they would give a PC/PLAT. Maybe breakfast in the pool šŸ™‚

  4. There are two elaborte reports on FT interesintg for you. The hotel is out in the sticks. Book a suite – fairly small rooms.

  5. I’ve been there for several times and once swam in the pool which is close to my company. It’s really terrific design and interesting experience.

  6. There’s one a bit like this at the Andels Hotel in Lodz, Poland: which incidentally is a very cool hotel. Why on earth would you be in Lodz? Good point, although I was there to see Roger Waters ‘The Wall’ as it has Poland’s best arena and we fancied a trip somewhere new. Was neat to walk on the glass floor and watch people below us…

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