The DOT fines American over fees related to bump vouchers

Finally the DOT is fining an airline for something they really did wrong. I remember getting bumped off an American Airlines flight a couple of years back, and scored a $300 voucher. As it turns out, the only way to redeem it was by ticketing at the airport, which comes with a $30 fee. While United has the same procedure, they waive the ticketing fee when you’re using a voucher, as it should be, given that you have no other option for redeeming it. It really is pretty disingenuous to charge that fee, since it’s not a $300 voucher I got, but a $270 voucher.

Well, the Department of Transportation fined American $90,000 due to the lack of disclosure regarding this.

That was well deserved, in my opinion.

(Tip of the hat to Katie)

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  1. Serves them right. Interestingly enough, CO’s vouchers are electronic, I think this should be coming to UA soon, I presume.

  2. I did the Ticket by Mail. Had $600 in AA vouchers. Instead of sending certified mail, I paid for $500 in insurance (max limit for USPS) figuring that I would take $500 in cash if it got lost. Cheapest option for me. Much cheaper than paying $30pp ticketing at the airport. Itineraries got ticketed, no problem.

    Now that I’m Exec Plat, I don’t have to pay to ticket at the airport or by phone.

  3. I am AA EXP, and hearing that AA did that just makes me find them disgusting! This fine is very well deserved… They expect to take away $30 from every bump compensation and get away with it? Oh HELLZ NO!

  4. @no82escourt Presumably though there was still some cost to you for doing a ticket-by-mail. At least 44 cents plus the insurance cost.

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