Thai announces first A380 destinations and new 777-300ER destination

As I’ve written about in the past, Thai is just about the most unreliable airline out there when it comes to schedule planning, so potentially take this with a grain of salt. They’re also one of my favorite airlines, especially given that they’re reasonably generous with award availability.

That’s why I’m excited that they’re supposed to be taking delivery of their first Airbus 380s next year. This interview with Thai Airways’ CEO suggests that London will be the first destination to get the A380 next August, while Frankfurt will get the A380 next October:

I doubt the timeline or destinations are set in stone, though if you have the ability to book a ticket and redeposit it for free thanks to elite status, it might be worth locking in a ticket from London to Bangkok for next August or September in hopes of flying first class on the Airbus 380.

Furthermore, I wrote in September about Thai Airways putting the 777-300ER on the Munich to Bangkok route as of December 1. These 777-300ERs are wet-leased from Jet Airways, and feature fully enclosed first-class suites and a fully flat business class product.

Well, as it turns they won’t be operating the 777-300ER to Munich, but instead are putting it on one of their two daily Frankfurt to Bangkok flights as of December 1.

So if you’re booked to Frankfurt or Munich, check your itineraries. Thai also operates the same 777-300ER on the Paris to Bangkok route.

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  1. Already have my LHR-BKK booked on Thai for mid-Septmeber 2012. Hope your speculation turns out to be true!

  2. Ah, too bad. I’m flying F BKK – FRA this July. Getting the 773 might not be a bad consolation prize though. Any idea which of the two daily flights they’re putting it on?

  3. For those hoping to fly the leased 777-300ERs in F class, I’m not sure if that is actually superior to taking the 747. I flew MUC-BKK on the 747 last month and had the entire cabin to myself. I prefer such an open private-ish jet setting to having a suite. I think I’d still prefer it if there had been another passenger or 2 in F. I assume the planes are more crowded from December to March, though.

  4. @ lucky, score. That’s my ride.

    @ Brendan, I definitely hear what you’re saying. Having an entire F cabin to yourself is the gold standard for luxury no matter what type you’re flying. For me, I’ve been hoping to try out one of those Jet-leased 773s for a while, and it now looks like this may be my chance.

  5. Oooh I have a Sept 2012 award from DPS to NYC via BKK and connecting through London is an option… but that means we have to take VS Upper Class home. Hmm, decisions decisions.

  6. @ infamousdx — You should be able to further backtrack through London if you wanted to, so do something like DPS-BKK-LHR-FRA-EWR. šŸ™‚

  7. I saw a video online detailing the new A380, and I must say, the new Thai first class seats look like nice. Well, as much as they could in a 3D demo…I’m sure lots of FF said “Finally!” when Thai announced a new product for first…

  8. i have FRA-BKK at the end of next Jun (TG923), right now it shows 744, so I guess it will be 777 then?

    And, coming back, BKK-MUC, on July, right now it shows 777, what it will be then, come back to 744?? Thanks

  9. @ Peter_Ng — They haven’t updated the schedule that far out so there’s no way to be certain yet, though if I had to guess I’d say Frankfurt will keep the 777 while Munich will keep the 747. Only time will tell!

  10. Just a quick warning. If you are booking an award ticket on the 777-300ER will show up in the flight details for several flights (for instance TG658 BKK-ICN in April 2012). However a dummy booking at the TG website shows this to be a regular 777-300 (non-ER), at least for now.
    Got my hopes up for nothin’

  11. I just booked F from NRT to BKK on a 773. Any way to determine if it is the Jet Airways leased aircraft?

  12. @ SINner — It definitely should be, as the only 777s Thai operates between Tokyo and Bangkok are the Jet Airways ones.

  13. I’ll fly FRA-BKK on Dec 1 in Royal Silk Class. So, I can enjoy the newly leased 777-300ER for the first time. Lucky me!

  14. Somebody knows something about the 777er300 from MAD to BKK by Thai Airways? is really fully flat bed seat on Business Class?Tks

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