Thai Airways’ Special 777 Royal Barge Livery

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I love a cool airline special livery, and Thai Airways has just unveiled an especially awesome one. This week Thai has revealed their new Suphannahong Royal Barge aircraft livery.

The plane sporting this special livery is a regionally configured Boeing 777-300, featuring 364 seats, including 34 business class seats and 330 economy seats. The aircraft flies mostly within Asia, including to Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Sapporo, Singapore, and Taipei. If you want to track the plane, it has the registration code HS-TKF.

The plane will feature the livery through December 31, 2022.

This isn’t the first time Thai has painted a plane in such a special livery. In 1999 they painted a 747-400 in a Royal Barge livery as well, though that plane is no longer sporting the livery.

Here’s how Thai Airways’ president describes the significance of the plane:

THAI, as the national carrier under the Ministry of Transport, has organized activities to commemorate the Royal Coronation as an expression of loyalty and honor. THAI received permission to paint the Suphannahong Royal Barge aircraft livery on its Boeing 777-300 aircraft, royally bestowed the name “Lahan Sai.” The Royal Coronation Emblem will appear on THAI’s aircraft throughout the Coronation Year.

The Suphannahong Royal Barge, originally called “Si Suphannahong” or “Chai Suphannahong Royal Barge,” has been the King’s royal barge since the Ayutthaya era. The current Suphannahong Royal Barge was constructed by the royal command of King Rama V and was completed in the reign of King Rama VI.

At the front or bow of the barge is a golden swan figurehead, the body or hull is the body of the swan etched in wood and decorated with gold leaf, mirrors, tassels, and engraved glass.

The exterior of the barge was painted black, while the interior was painted red, with a throne in the middle of the barge for the monarch or royalty. The Royal Barge was 46.15 meters long, 3.17 meters wide, and 15 tons in weight.

Furthermore, this Royal Barge will be used in the Royal Procession for travel along the Chao Phraya River to Wat Arun Ratchavararam (Temple of Dawn) to present robes to Buddhist monks during this year’s annual Royal Kathin Ceremony in October 2019.

Check out the pictures of this special livery:

Is that an awesome-looking plane, or what?

  1. the Royal Barge Museum is quite interesting. It’s tucked away in a fairly out of the way location though so you really have to want to go there to get there. But they have all of the royal barges on display. They really are quite beautiful and quintessentially Thai. Since they’re preparing for another procession though I would guess you need to check in advance to make sure its open for visiting though

  2. Nice – but I think the prior iteration was even better (without the purple in the tail). Royal Barge really worked well with the older livery.

    That said I do like TG’s regular livery also

  3. Wonder how long it took them to paint this. The details are amazing. They for sure didn’t cut corners.

  4. Sven, not everyone has to side with redshirts or even worse. May the Chakri dynasty rule Thailand for many centuries to come. You, however, are free to hail AMM or any other “scum of the earth”.

  5. Endre – Why am I not surprised that the guy constantly banging on about how they buy first class tickets enjoys autocratic rule!

  6. Sven — you are referring to another user with the very same username. He’s the one bragging with his self-paid first class trips.

  7. @Endre: First you are replying in your second reply to Steve. I am fully aware that there are two Endre commenting here: One with profile photo and the other – you – without.
    Second you don’t have to be a redshirt “or even worse” to know that Sia O is nothing like his father (whose good deeds were also rather exeggerated even though I believe he was a good king in his prime).

  8. Endre – My apologies.

    Though I still think it’s rather reprehensible to support an institution that quashes basic human rights and operates like a cult!

  9. I don’t fully grasp the notion of “ร.10 is nothing like his father” — why should he follow his footsteps? It’s his reign, he does what he thinks is best for the institution. You and I know that most of ร. 9’s deeds are based on propaganda and that the former monarch wasn’t in any way better than the current one. Just look into the fate of Queen Sirikit’s numerous affairs. Even with all its shortcomings I still support this institution over any other form of government. Let’s face it: if TH would become a republic all the corrupt officials would still occupy key positions and the overall attitude of Thais wouldn’t change. Thais suffer from acute meism and no king or president can change this anytime soon — YMMV, though. But yes, the special livery of this particular airplane is stunning.

  10. @Endre: I guess you may be right that it’s mostly propaganda what made up the reputation of the previous king and maybe the biggest advantage รัชกาลที่ 9 had was that wasn’t any social media during most of his reign (and the lèse-majesté-laws definitely helped a lot too), otherwise he probably would have been known as the king who most likely killed accidentally his brother.
    In fact I am rather sure that all the stories circulating around รัชกาลที่ 10 will slowly lead to the demise of the monarchy in Thailand (at least if he stays on the throne for a longer period) and as you said it won’t make a difference anyway so why not get rid of the institution? The enormous wealth could be used for a better purpose (and as the current king tightened his grip around the CPB I’m pretty sure it won’t be put to a good use during his reign …maybe he’ll buy a few more villas around Munich).
    One serious problem of Thai society seems to me the blind obedience towards superiors and elderly (together with the principle of เกรงใจ), the total lack of genuine innovation – and in my opinion that attitude favors from the environment in a monarchy like they have in Thailand.

  11. Guys, this blog has been about aviations, miles, and points. Let’s keep it that way.
    There are many other places where you can express your opinion toward the Thai royal family but not here please.

    In term of livery, it does look nice and kinda set it apart from other planes. I wish many more airlines do the unique liveries that resemble the culture of that country.

  12. @snory

    it’s impossible to have an article about a royal livery without attracting comment on the royal family!

    and whilst Ben may have to abide by the Lèse-majesté law if he wants to enter Thailand again, the rest of us don’t !

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