Man Buys Thai Airways 747, Keeps It In His Backyard

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Well here’s something you don’t see every day.

Thai Airways is slowly phasing out its fleet of Boeing 747s with 10 still in active service, and a further 10 stored, or for sale. Ben recently reviewed their ‘new’ 747 first class which has actually been around for many years – I’ve also flown it and it’s a wonderful nostalgic experience.

Given there are hundreds of 747s around the world already in storage and/or being scrapped for parts, there’s not a lot of demand for second or third hand versions of this aircraft.

Thai did list two 747s for sale by auction back in 2015 – both were manufactured back in 1990 and have been in storage since 31 March 2015.

Thai Airways did sell a 747 at auction recently to a local man, Somchai Phukieow, for an undisclosed amount. He owns a large amount of land in the Chai Nat province, around 100kms north of Bangkok. I wonder how much he paid for it.

So what did he decide to do with his new purchase? 

Move the aircraft by road, using lorry trucks overnight, and just leave it in a muddy field on his property.

The next morning neighbours awoke to this next door, some thinking the plane had made an emergency landing in the field overnight before closer inspection revealed the engines had been stripped back, and concrete blocks placed under the wheels to stop the aircraft from sinking into the mud.

Thai Airways 747 in Chai Nat (source: ViralPress)

The Thai wording has been painted over, but the tail still has the distinctive Thai purple livery. Here is a Thai 747 in full livery in happier days:

Assuming the interiors haven’t yet been stripped out, it should feature Thai’s ‘old’ first class seats, that Ben reviewed many years ago here:

Somchai told reporters regarding his purchase:

I bought the plane at an auction in the city. The engine and all the computer parts were taken out already. I would like to make a small attraction here, with a motor-cross track and a football pitch, so people can look inside the plane and watch the sports from inside, too.

Repurposing a Boeing 747

He could always turn it into a hostel, like the Jumbostay hostel at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, which looks a bit sad from the outside:

Jumbostay Hostel, Stockholm (Source: Flickr)

But pretty cool inside!

Jumbostay Hostel, Stockholm (Source:
Jumbostay Hostel, Stockholm (Source:

Bottom line

While every aviation enthusiast would love a 747 in their backyard and plenty are for sale, the most difficult part is transporting it from the airport to your house.

I’m fascinated to know the logistics of transporting this enormous machine so far from an airport, as it does not appear the wings were removed for the journey.

Hopefully he can clean up the site and make it into a real tourist attraction. I’m not sure how much demand there will be to watch sports from inside a tiny, dirty plane window but there’s a lot of opportunity for something this unique.

What would you do with a Boeing 747 in your backyard?

  1. Obviously you gotta sell the house and move into the 747 instead. By the way do you know the registration for this plane?

  2. I highly recommend the show (I can’t remember the name) where they explain how they built a house in Claifornia using the two wings of a 747 as roof ! Transport was the most thrilling part !

  3. @Random Travel I believe it was “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” from BBC, although I saw it on Netflix.

  4. @ Aaro – I’m guessing it was one of the two frames offered for sale back in 2015, so either HS-TGH or HS-TGJ.

  5. NASA moved the Space Shuttle’s 747 through the streets of Houston, Texas a few years ago but they removed the wings. Are you certain the wings weren’t removed? I can’t imagine how they could do it with wings intact unless this land backs up onto a major airport.

  6. There’s an abandoned 747 on the main avenue right outside of my grandmother’s house on Ramkhamhaeng Road in Bangkok. It’s kind of an eyesore and the land could be better off used for some development. Squatters there are probably going to charge you to go in and see it too. Personally I was never interested in it but some might find it cool. The area is a bit far from sightseeing however.

  7. That picture of the jumbo stay is way outta date. They’ve since built bedrooms in the engine cowlings and the whole thing looks a lot nicer now as a result.

  8. Check out the 747 wings story here


  9. @Ray the ‘bangkok airplane graveyard’ is a small tourist attraction. Yes the squatters charge admission. It’s in a few youtube videos. There’s 1 or 2 other planes besides the 747.

  10. Here in Brazil some people did the same with some 737-200 of a defunct brazilian airline, VASP, which stood abandoned in airports around Brazil since the airline ceased operations in 2005.

    Some of the new owners even restored the airframes fully and now keep them on display on their own propreties. Wish this Thai man would do the same.

    Check out for yourselves (only in Portuguese):

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