Targeted Delta Promotion For Washington Residents

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Alaska and Delta have been going at it in Seattle for a while now, which I summed up in my post “What’s The Problem Between Alaska And Delta?”

Their tactics for trying to one up each other have ranged from well thoughts out to downright dirty and mean spirited.

Reader Adam just forwarded me an email he received from Delta offering him Gold Medallion status plus a two month Sky Club membership. Then if he flies two roundtrips within two months of registration, he’ll receive Gold Medallion status for 10 months, a Sky Club membership for an additional two months, and 25,000 bonus miles.


Here’s the text of the email he received:


As part of an exclusive promotion only being offered to a handful of flyers, we’re giving you complimentary Gold Medallion® status and Delta Sky Club® Individual Membership for two months. All you have to do is register by October 15, 2014, and you’ll enjoy benefits like Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades, Sky Priority®, and complimentary Economy Comfort™ seats on domestic flights.

To keep your new status even longer, just book two paid round-trip Delta or Delta Connection® flights on select fares* and fly within two months of registration to enjoy:

  • Gold Medallion status for 10 months
  • Delta Sky Club Individual Membership for an additional two months
  • 25,000 bonus miles

The promotion is targeted, though you can try your hand at registering if you’d like — if you weren’t targeted you’ll get an error message informing you that you’re not eligible.

And then here are the terms & conditions:

Eligibility: Only members who receive this communication directly from Delta Air Lines are eligible to participate in this offer. This offer is nontransferable. Only residents of the State of Washington, as determined by the primary address on file for your SkyMiles account, are eligible. Members must first register online by October 15, 2014 (ending 11:59:59 PM, U.S. CDT on 10/15/14). Promotional registration is required before purchasing and taking flight to qualify for this bonus. To be eligible for the status upgrade, a member must (i) register online by October 15, 2014, and (ii) not have received a status match or complimentary Medallion® status in the past. Existing Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members are excluded from this offer. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age for Delta Sky Club membership.

Bonus Offer: If you meet the eligibility criteria to participate, you will receive Gold Medallion status and a Delta Sky Club Individual Membership for two months. The two months of Delta Sky Club membership and your promotional qualification period are effective the same date you register. The two months of Gold status are effective the day following your registration. During the two-month complimentary period, you will not have access to the following Medallion benefits: reciprocal Medallion benefits with Delta’s partner airlines, access to lounges other than Delta Sky Club locations and Gold Medallion mileage bonus. In order to extend your Medallion status and Delta Sky Club Individual Membership, you’ll need to purchase and fly two paid (*fare classes F, P, A, G, J, C, D, I, Z, Y, B, M, S, H, Q, K) roundtrips on Delta or Delta Connection-marketed and -operated flights within two months after registering. Codeshare flights operated by carriers other than Delta and Delta Connection are excluded from this offer. Only tickets purchased with a published fare that earns full mileage accrual will qualify. Your Gold Medallion status will automatically be extended for 10 months beginning the day after your final qualifying flight, your Delta Sky Club Individual Membership will be extended an additional two months and you will earn 25,000 bonus miles. Bonus miles earned with this promotion do not count toward Medallion or Million Miler™ status.

Validity Period: To participate in this offer, you must register by October 15, 2014. Enrollment ends 11:59:59 PM, U.S. CST, on 10/15/14.

Promotional Reference Code: Please refer Delta customer service representative to 970606.

Promotional Fulfillment: Gold Medallion status and Delta Sky Club Individual Membership will be automatically updated in your SkyMiles account one day after your qualifying flight. Your bonus miles will appear automatically on your SkyMiles statement. Allow up to six weeks after qualifying travel is completed for credit to appear.

So it’s a targeted promotion, and as much as it’s “dirty” to try to steal customers directly from your partner airline in this way, it’s certainly not a bad idea from Delta’s perspective. I asked Adam a bit about his flying patterns, and he said that he has credited Delta flights to Alaska in the past. So my guess is that they’re targeting people that have credited Delta flights to Alaska Mileage Plan — that’s the only way they can see your status and also your flying patterns with them.

Did anyone else receive a similar offer from Delta?

  1. @Lucky,
    Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my conversation with you about this, but I actually haven’t transferred any miles from DL to AS. I looked into it on but that transaction isn’t allowed.

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