Excellent TAP Portugal Business Class Fares Between Europe And North America

TAP Portugal might not be your first choice when flying across the Atlantic, but they are slowly improving their hard product and on New York flights at least, feature fully flat seats on most A330 flights to Lisbon.

Ben recently reviewed the product and said:

TAP consistently publishes low fares in business class, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, assuming you can get the new business class. The most important thing in business class is the seat, and that’s an area where TAP does well, assuming you get one of their reconfigured planes.

I understand TAP has long published cheap premium fares from Oslo, Norway, and I now see they are also publishing cheap fares from Dublin to New York (JFK and Newark), Boston, Miami and Toronto as well.

Now I understand that Newark, JFK and Boston usually receive the reconfigured A330 aircraft with 1-2-2/2-2-1 fully flat seats (while Toronto and Miami normally don’t).

So you’ll want to make sure you are on one of these flights to get the best experience, and I’ll focus on those cities for the fare deals.

I can see return prices from both Oslo to New York and Boston (as these have the best product) on many days from January through to the end of schedule next year for around $1,300 return (prices from Google Flights):

Or for around $1,500 return there are flights from Dublin to New York and Boston:

But what makes these fares so great is that they are available as a one way fare for half the price of a return, which is almost unheard of for a cheap premium fare.

Unfortunately the one way fares at these prices are only available from Europe to the US, and not the other way around.

To ensure you have the new seats you’ll want to see a seat map like this for your flight (an example from a LIS-JFK flight), which are the fully flat seats:

And not this seat map, which are the angled 2-2-2 which I’ve found on the Miami route:

Bottom line

I was in the TAP lounge in Lisbon last week and thought it was pretty good. The bartender making any cocktail we wished was a nice feature.

These are good prices for return fares across the Atlantic, but those one way prices are sensational given they allow the flexibility to book a revenue fare one way, and use miles for the other direction. And booking via the TAP website allows a free stopover in Lisbon as well.

TAP is just about the only airline that publishes transatlantic one way fares this low, as it’s very rare to see one way flights at those prices.

Just make sure you snag one of their refurbished A330s!

Have you ever booked a one way business class revenue fare for only half the price of a return?

(Tip of the hat to FlyerTalk)


  1. Singapore Airlines is also know for charging half the price of a r/t, I think.
    I did buy GRU-BCN and AKL-SIN once.

  2. The problem I have is that out of JFK when I have tried to book the seat map is not available until after you have purchased your ticket which infuriates me. Sire within 24 hours you can cancel but why not just offer it as part of the booking process? When I asked TAP if they could assure me that they only fly the new product out of JFK they would not say.

  3. I see prices of about $500 from north america to Bangkok in the excellent upright seats of the economy class. With mileage earning of 10k miles which I value at $160 and all all the free beer and wine you can drink plus stealing a few blankets as well as lounge access thanks to PP you are practically flying free.

    Flying in economy helps make those thai massages feel even better.

  4. WARNING-TAP regularly substitutes the old configuration at the last minute. It’s happened to us twice now. I had the new “throne” seat last week from LIS, but ended up with with crappy angled seat and non-existent IFE. It was an awful fight and one has no recourse – so buyer beware!

  5. I had the pleasure of flying the BOS-LIS route in this new configuration last summer. Enjoyed it quite a bit, and I would rank my experience as better than my Swiss J flights this summer.

  6. Yawn, Ben posted about these fares (when they were even lower) two years ago. A good reminder, but maybe the T/H should go to Lucky 🙂

  7. You most certainly don’t need to book on the TAP website to avail yourself of the free stopover. Also, if they change your configuration to angle-flat at the last minute, complain and ask to change your flight. When they refuse, you can ask for the livro de reclamações, or complaints book, and write a complaint. (This is an official Portuguese system for consumer complaints. I can’t say it will help, but hey, the more complaints TAP receives the more incentive to upgrade their fleet I guess.) Instead go to the premium customer service desk (not the useless regular one) and ask to speak to a manager. They can put you on another flight with the proper (lie-flat) business seat if you ask nicely.

  8. Thanks for highlighting this. I was thinking of travelling over the Christmas holidays and debating miles vs. cash. Miles seemed to make sense because I will have already requalified for my United 1K status. But then I considered that if I returned on Jan. 1, I could get a head start on PQM for 2019. The one-way option would give me the best of both worlds.

  9. Is Endre mike_asia from FT? Sounds just like him. Always mentioning his assistant and the absolutely sublime poonani he enjoyed in SE Asia.

  10. Tap airlines has good mileage earning on Copa business class flights ( even better then Copa itself if I’m reading it right?) Here is my question: How many actual Tap Flights do I need to earn/ maintain status with them or does any * Alliance flight qualify?
    United for example requires 4 legs on per year an actual United flights for Sliver elite status.

  11. @Michael Harreskov

    Getting status with TAP is quite difficult. It’s up there with Lufhthansa when it comes to Star Alliance airlines.

    To get *Silver, you need 25 flights or segments with TAP or 30.000 status miles with any Star Alliance member.

    To get *Gold, you need 50 flights or segments with TAP or 70.000 status miles with any Star Alliance member.

    On both ties, you need less flights or miles to maintain it, after getting it. Of course, the status miles will always depend on the fare class.

  12. On January 4, 2018 I bought a traveling ticket on line with Jusfly.com to travel from Newark airport on March 28, 2018 on Tap to Lisbon, Portugal and returning April 23, 2018 from Lisbon when a month later I wanted to add a piece of luggage and I noticed that my name had the first and last name the same. I called Justfy back to correct my name and they told me they couldn’t. I called the credit card company to dispute it. Around February 16, 2018 Justfy called me if I wanted to correct my name they said that Tap Airline will charge 60.00 dollars and 50.00 dollars for Justfy. Around February 20, 2018 I called Wells Fargo to cancel the dispute. Wells Fargo told me I can’t cancel the dispute until either company respond .Again on February 18 I contacted Tap to add a piece of luggage. Tap Airlines told me that the ticket had been cancelled because of lack of payment. I contacted Wells Fargo again and asked them why they hadn’t release the payment to the airline. Wells Fargo told me again neither airline had not contacted them. I decided to buy another ticket and the same ticket cost me 1,805.18 dollars. The first cost $759.81 dollars ticket reference is ***** and the second reference code is ***** which cost 1,805.18 dollars.

  13. My only two experiences with TAP have been in business and both were bad. I will never fly them again and don’t recommend them to anyone. Smoking in the cabin, flight attendants that didn’t care about the customer experience, no paper towels in the lavatory for most of a transatlantic flight, old and dirty seats, etc.

  14. My three experiences flying with TAP have been twice in Business and once in Economy and all were bad. The first time, the Purser (the lead Flight Attendant) asked me to move for an odd reason from 2B, moved me to 5E & put the Captain’s friend or someone in there who was in & out of the Cockpit the entire flight in civilian clothes, seemed to me violation of rules, you will never see that on a US carrier. They ran out of choice of meals when they got to me, the seat backs would not recline, old and dirty seats, bad food, not very good selection of wines, burned meals, horrible presentation, sauce all over the plate/dried up, careless crews, Flight Attendants did not care about customer service & were aloof. On another trip, my luggage was badly damaged flying to Boston & their agent said that the broken wheel & the puncture on the body of the bag was not covered. The choices of beverages were limited as well and coffee/tea always tasteless and cold. No reason to fly on TAP unless I find real cheap fares & have to fly to Lisbon or Porto which I love but can not stand TAP!

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