Taking my chances and flying this weekend!

Well, despite the pending tropical storm and travel waivers, I just booked a mileage run for this coming weekend, only three days out! I love the L fare from TPA-SEA that UA publishes, given that it only has a three day advance purchase requirement. That’s great since UA seems to open up a bunch of L inventory three days out. Right now I’m booked TPA-IAD-DEN-SFO-SEA-IAD-TPA, which is just over 7,000 elite qualifying miles, with a fare of $255 (before vouchers).

Most importantly, and the real reason I’m so desperate for a mileage run is that I’m just short of 280,000 United miles, which I really need in order to secure two first class award tickets to Egypt for my mom and brother for November. They’re excited about the prospect of such a trip and I’d really like to make it happen.

Also, I just got my “Glenn’s Gotta Go” wristband in the mail today, so I get to try that out!

I’ll provide some live updates as it promises to be an adventurous weekend with all of the weather issues.

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  1. True, but I’m flying through IAD and it looks like we’ll have thunderstorms and high winds. Of course anything can change, so we’ll see. While I might not directly have problems, I can imagine it’ll be chaos with people rerouting from the hubs along with many cancellations.

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