Summing up January….

January’s now officially over. It was one heck of a month for me. On one hand it was an especially good month as far as flying goes. In my over 30 segments flown not a single flight was delayed, every single upgrade cleared, service was phenomenal on almost all flights, catering was good, and Channel 9 was almost always on.

But that’s not why I choose to mileage run in January. United has such strategically placed hubs (from the perspective of someone looking for bumps) that can be especially fun in the winter. Who doesn’t love some Chicago, Denver, and Washington action? In past years I’ve scored so many bumps in January thanks to weather screwing things up, but this month I didn’t have a single case of irregular operations. Not only that, but no flights were oversold.

So on one hand I’m happy to see “my” airline (and probably most airlines) operate so smoothly, but on the other hand I want some action! C’mon now, give me some cancellations, oversell situations, and cold nuts (ok, maybe not that last part).

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  1. Ironic you’ve not scored bumps, considering how HORRIBLE the weather was in those hubs in January!

    The only station with no problems was us up here in little old Seattle – warmest January on record (and boy, Whistler is going to have problems having enough snow for the Olympics). Even LAX and PHX had rain related weather delays!

  2. @ unavaca — I requested upgrades on all flights, actually.

    @ Eric — Guess I got lucky, because I saw nothing but *great* weather.

  3. Lucky I know you and I both avoid DEN as it relly does not add much mileage from anywhere, but more than one agent told me this weekend the flights to ORD have all been oversold or close lately. And of course I scored last Sunday

  4. @lucky Ah, cool. Do you always have enough instruments between CR-1s and e500s to cover all upgrades?

    As a new 1K, I’m struggling to see how I can earn/burn upgrades at the same rate. So far I am getting 50% coverage šŸ™‚

    (2 x tcons per quarter to get 10k BIS and 2 CR1s giving me up to 1 RT worth of upgrades. I’m always spending a day or two at the destination so I can’t do alternate-return-airport trick.)

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