1. Just booked two biz class tickets to Sicily for the wife and myself to see family. $1,400 pp!!!!! Thanks Lucky.

  2. is this typically P class fares? trying to accrue to Aegean to get to star gold but so far all the flights are P which don’t get miles on Aegean program. anyone have lucky finding other biz class fare classes?


  3. Skyteam is fighting back. I just found DL/AF SJC-MUC in J for ~1840. Lots of fares in July SJC/SEA-MUC/FRA rt $2000

  4. Is it the same dates as before? I need late may. Already booked JFK/FCO -VCE/CDG/LAX on AF and AZ using skypesos, so not sure it’s worth canceling. If it was on Aa , I might consider it for the extra EQM.

    Nonetheless it’s fun to think about. thanks!

  5. thanks lucky! i just saw that myself. seems like only AC in Z class will get bonus accrual for aegean. any other airlines with opening? so far i only see UA and LH and austrian all P class.

    appreciate the feedback!

  6. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, lucky. Grabbed ATL-CPH for my wife and I for $1400 the other day.

  7. Anyone know if the same deal applies for multi-destinations? I’m trying to go to Paris from San Diego and then fly back from Rome or vice versa.

  8. @ Doris — It seems to work for open jaws as well, so you can fly into one city and out of another, assuming both cities are eligible for the fare sale.

  9. @ ray — Don’t waste 20,000 miles + $550 on this upgrade. First is only marginally better than Business — same entertainment system, same horrible food, and same old, grouchy flight attendants. The only real difference is a wider seat/bed and access to UA’s generally underwhelming First Class lounges.

  10. Thanks for checking Lucky! Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to make it work. Any chance you’d be able to tutor me? I don’t travel much… I’m willing to send cookies for help!

  11. @Lucky-thanks, I should have been specific and asked about Global upgrades but UA answered not available on P

    @Gene-thanks for the input. You are right. Not going thru with it.

  12. Lucky,

    I’ve used your links for credit cards in the past, and I owe you one more. I missed this trip by 30 minutes a few days ago when the price went back up. I had begrudgingly forgotten about the trip I quickly planned, but because of your post, I just purchased the exact flight I wanted and will travel in Business/ First for the first time. Thanks you for the heads up.

  13. Lucky,
    From DFW, would the best bet to go to AUS or any other options?

    Trying to get to PRG, any other suggestions besides AMS?

    Also, trying to go to MUC, but it seems to be all 2k+.

  14. @ MM — Yep, AUS seems to be the best bet in Texas. Don’t see anything to PRG, though AMS or CDG may be your best bet.

  15. Thanks for pointing this out. Noticed several locations from Seattle to Europe for cheaper then normal business class.

    If 2013 had not been loaded with so many offers for cheap points (1cpm to 1.5cpm) I wouldn’t be so flush with miles that this would have been a good opportunity to earn some.

    I think I will stick with my award redemptions for now.

    Any suggestions what someone should do with a “P” fare if they don’t have star alliance status.

  16. @ lucky – thank you.
    Is there a way to find out the cities on sale or just trial/error with all Skyteam hubs?

  17. @ MM — Just trial and error. As a general rule of thumb, SkyTeam hubs on both sides of the Atlantic seem to have the best fares.

  18. I was to book friends IAD-IST, CPH-DCA on AF/DL biz for $1150 and rt IAD-IST for $1105 on AF. Makes me feel silly for blowing 50k UAL and 52.5k Avianca miles earlier for LH DCA-JMK, CPH-IAD

  19. Thanks Lucky for the heads up!

    Just booked mine, outbound on Swiss 333 and return on LH 333!

    On a side note, I was going through your trip reports to see what I could expect on my flights. There were no Swiss business class long haul flight and only 1 LH long haul but it was on the old business only…

    Lucky I hope you’ve booked a few of these tickets so you could fill up more business class trip reports 😉

  20. Never mind, the husband knew how to do it and we are now on our way to Europe. Thanks so much for the tip Lucky!

  21. Thanks Lucky! Your e-mail flagged it for us first and we’re now flying into CDG and back from AMS in late July.

  22. @ Larry — Not officially as far as I know. Sometimes they send out upgrade offers, but I don’t think that can be relied on.

  23. Ben, Do you think OneWorld will match fares like this also? Really don’t want to book with SkyTeam then OneWorld counters…..

  24. Ben, I am a Delta diamond guy but always been itching to try another airline eg: lufthansa and I found a deal for $1480 JFK-VCE in Business and I decided to take the plunge.
    However I found if I flew First class JFK-FRA and had a 4.5 layover I could try the First class terminal. The ticket total is now $3500.00 so I booked it. I am connecting to another LH flight to VCE in Business and wanted to confirm I do have access to the terminal?

  25. @ nycflyer75 — That’s a great deal for first class. Yep, if connecting same day from Lufthansa first class to another Lufthansa flight you’ll have access to the FCT. Enjoy!

  26. I booked a flight to Nice through United, but I got a codeshare flight ticketing delay e-mail. The code share partner is Lufthansa. It said “This notification is being sent to you because one or more flight segments associated with the confirmation shown above is on a codeshare partner(s). This itinerary will remain in effect for 24 hours through Sat., Apr. 5, 2014. Once our codeshare partner accepts this reservation your fare will be guaranteed, your ticket will be issued with the form of payment authorized and a receipt will be sent to you.”

    Did anyone else experience this? Is there a possibility that I may not be able to get the tickets?

  27. I am guessing it ended. Just tried to book another ticket and now pricing normally. Anyone else seeing this?

  28. At least I was able to book a few flights out of it. Let me know if it comes alive again. Thanks!!

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