Video: “Straight Outta Compton” Star Loses It On Delta Flight

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TMZ has video footage of “Straight Outta Compton” star Jason Mitchell (okay, I didn’t know who he was either) having a meltdown on a Delta flight yesterday. As of now the details are sparse, though apparently someone was already in his first class seat when he boarded. It seems like the seat may have somehow been double booked based on him showing the confirmation for his first class seat, though we don’t really know.

Apparently law enforcement eventually arrived, and the passenger was cuffed and detained, though no charges were pressed. Here’s the crazy video:

Assuming the seat was in fact double booked I can certainly appreciate his frustration, though the way he handled it was completely inappropriate.

  1. Delta already said he missed his original flight where he did have a first class seat. The next flight he was a standby passenger and they had no open first class seats available. They didn’t double book anyone.

  2. Amazing. If some white man started cursing and targeting a member of the crew based on their race we would be seeing demands that the person be charged with a hate crime. Instead nothing happens. I can understand his being upset but throwing race around and using violent language should of resulted in charges. This wasn’t just him cursing this was him cursing out the crew and wven another passenger in a violent way. Unacceptable.

  3. If he was on standby as mentioned above then why the hell did they board him without a seat. Delta needs tobget their act together.

  4. Is english his mother tongue? All I can hear is “I paid my seat, why can’t I seat here?” And lots of F word….

  5. Bill is spot on. The double standard is remarkable. If I had said that, the MSM would be calling for my head. This clown? crickets.

  6. He paid his money. Another possibility is an employee on standbye was given his seat. I don’t trust gate agents with upgrades. AA does this. I almost always see small children in first class seats, simply because they want them with their parents

  7. funnier than the video is how people in comments, assuming all from US, are used to double booking and similar shit from airlines and use those situations as regular excuses , since when airlines’s mistakes should be problems of passengers, try do this in Europe you’ll either loose the customers or loose all your money in court, I got 300 euros and a night in a 3 star hotel in Paris just because my plane was late 3,5 hours, other time when plane broke we got upgraded seats on other carrier and a written excuse. Man US standards do not exist anymore, it was once trend setting country and you managed to ruin it, nice work.

  8. Wow, a lot of smug, covert racists on here………….. thank you, Lucky, for at least having some compassion while you shared this story with us. Before criticizing this man, let’s look at some of the disadvantages he had entering the situation:

    – he is literally the only person of color in that video which included the whole cabin
    – he is likely on a controlled substance
    – there is an 83% chance he was raised without a father to teach him manners

    Instead of criticizing this man, why don’t we recognize him for his fame and great accomplishments so far in his early life. I mean, it’s rare you even see a black male over 30 years old these days as most are dead or in jail by that time.

  9. I can see being very upset by this but I am thinking he simply got confused and thought he was shooting a scene from Straight outta Compton. I mean why else would someone talk like that?

  10. From what I read Delta said he had a seat on the flight, but it was economy plus, not first class like on the flight he missed. Either the ticketing agent didn’t explain this to him or he disregarded it. My guess is the latter…..

  11. NS……………what you’ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this board is now dumber for having read to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  12. Yes NS and Air France charges $1000 for a one way Intraeurope ticket. You pay one way or another. Or strikes or taxes.

  13. Obviously a selfish prima-donna who thinks he’s a bass ass VIP. Which he isn’t – and that’s getting under his skin. Thanks for sharing the entertaining video. Personal meltdowns are always curiously fascinating to watch.

  14. Looks like he had a bad day, let it get to him, and is getting the sort of negative attention that usually garners.

    Why @Bill and @RJB would assume that a white person would be treated worse is beyond me.

    Sorry you have to deal with these fools on your blog, Lucky. Keep up the good work.

  15. The other posters are exactly on the mark — it’s a blatant example of the racial double standard. That is not a racist conclusion; it’s realist, and people of all colors are concerned about it. If you’re a minority you get special privileges to invoke race against others in derogatory ways, with no consequence. Minority privilege

  16. He missed the flight he was booked on and “re-accommodated” on a later flight in Economy Plus, not First. Wonder how this drama would have turned out if he boarded prior to the woman who was (correctly) seated in that seat?

  17. @KuntaKinte says

    dear sir or madam that was one of the funniest responses of all times, i am still laughig out loud hehehehe, most readers will not get the sarcasm


  18. perhaps he was mad because the plane was white and not african and mad at that racsist USC TROJANS horse for being white

  19. Wow – these comments are pretty appalling. Yes, he was obviously out of line and got taken off the plane.

    1) Who cares if english is his ‘mother tongue’? What does that have to do with anything?
    2) Double standard? Unreal. Minorities are sensitive to being treated poorly, even in situations where they may be being treated fairly, BECAUSE THEY ARE REGULARLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. If you were hit by a bully most of the time he walked past you, you’d flinch every time.

  20. @ David:

    1. This is the point. English is his mother tongue. And he can’t speak it.
    2. This is literally the definition of double standard. English may not be YOUR mother tongue.

  21. i had 50 members of my family killed in holocaust and the ones that made it out of europe came here and learned english this guy and MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS MORE LIKE HIM, ENGLISH IS THEIR MOTHER TONGUE AND THEY REFUSE TO SPEAK IT, so yes david it should matter, my family was discriminated in europe so they left and made a new life in various cities/countries around the globe

  22. What is the flying time from LAS to SLC ? Who cares if you’re in First Class? That’s like an hour long flight. I could sit in the lavatory ……..

  23. Wow. The “I’m a white person and the real victim” crowd comes out. As your role model would say, “SAD!!!”

    Plenty of folks, white, yellow, black, brown are not charged even after ridiculous behavior. The racism in some of these comments is appalling. Not realism; pure, unadulterated racism. But thank you: it’s good to know what some of my fellow frequent fliers see when I board and take a seat in first class.

  24. @rjb

    I find your comment amusing. But more so, it is ignorant and illogical. You claim that no one is reporting on this story, while commentating on a blog with over 1 million readers that has just posted about the story.

    Your comment about his race also doesn’t carry much weight and has very little to do with this story — this comes from a white man raised in Tennessee.

    Please take a moment o reflect on your comments before posting nonsense

  25. I am Asian, so I have no skin in this fight. But there is ABSOLUTELY a double standard. If you are white, guaranteed, you would have been carried of that plane 30 seconds in.

  26. He played Easy-E in “Straight Outta Compton”, and was quite good at it, very convincing. That is the only positive I can take out of this.

  27. @David

    How long will you make excuses for people’s behavior. Only the words are different. Society would comment on a white man acting like an idiot just as quickly. We would just call him entitled, white trash, redneck etc… Your excuses perpetuate the stereotyping of “oh poor black man, been mistreated sometime in the past” so he can behave anyway he wants. As an 2nd generation Italian-Irish American, my immigrant grandparents can tell you all about being mistreated, beaten, discriminated against. Yet they somehow managed to raise children to respect society and learn to move on. All races have a percentage of their respective population that acts the way this passenger did. Hold them accountable for a change – equally.

  28. LMAO at all these comments…exactly why our country is so divided.

    I’m black and regularly fly in first class and I’ve seen white people yell at FAs and two almost got into a brawl and no one was detained or arrested, and I’ve seen a white guy throw his IFE equipment and headset at a FA with zero repercussions.

    Now, this guy was clearly out of line and needed to be kicked off, but Instead of it being just about him, now he represents all black people..ridiculous.

    Oh, and by the way, there is a white guy who speaks crude English and attacks people all of the time…and we call him President.

    Enough with the double standard nonsense.

  29. I didn’t hear him use the race card. He’s pissed off as we all would be. He handled it wrong. At the end he says sorry to the paxs on board.

    The problem is the airlines. if his seat was taken he shouldn’t have been allowed past the gate. People are really tired of airlines running late, cancelling due to “weather”, kicking paxs off the plane and being surly.

    He handled a bad situation poorly

    Delta is just as much to blame as he

    How did airline travel devolve to greyhound bus service? Too many regional planes clogging the airways to save 10 cents on fuel and airlines over booking to make up for no shows

  30. “I paid my money. I paid my money”.

    Does this moron think he is the ONLY passenger on the plane that paid for their ticket?

  31. He’s american. A failed empire of hustlers, hucksters, war mongers all vying for the race to the bottom.

  32. Wow!!! Instead of critizing service by delta, all the comments focused on racism. By logic, this fiasco wouldn’t happened if delta has done its job.

    You guys seemed to enjoy playing the racist card rather than seeing an improvement in airline service. I don’t know whether all of you were actually racist or the level of service at delta is so pathetic its useless to inquire a better one.

  33. I kind of agree with Kunta Kinte (and I love Alex Haley) but we have to work towards stopping these double standards. I’m white and old, and I woulda been outta there in a NY second after I had screamed the first F word-absof-in’lutely no question. And the FAs tolerated Compton Man, but not for the reasons that Mr. Kinte cited; they tolerated him because, had their been an altercation or “takedown,” Delta would have been roundly criticized as racist (and the lawyers would be licking their chops). He should have been removed from the plane-regardless of skin color of proficiency in English-but that’s not as easy as it used to be.

  34. Who cares it’s not even worth it. Hes talking all this shit but he missed his first class flight to begin with. All i know if that was me id be facing jail time. Yo you made one good movie your not no Denzel.

  35. You rich, privileged (most likely white – because lets face it, I am too), pricks posting on this blog are probably just like the non-critical skills thinking rich (probably poor) I’ve met anywhere in the US and Europe. Can’t you see beyond the front of your plate? But I’m sure you’re right – the “logic” you use makes you dislike, even hate, your brown (black, grey, blue, yellow, etc.) neighbor, right? Grow a pair.

  36. Y’all need to stop with talking about how a white person would be treated worse. This isn’t the YouTube comments section. This is a travel website. If you want to go ahead a do it anyways, I can’t stop you.

  37. I’m from the UK and sadly this behaviour is all too common. However, the perpetrators are always white, speak English incoherently and scatter it with expletives and often become violent too but no one ever resorts to racism to describe this behaviour.

    I just wonder why when it’s a black male acting in a similar way all the racists come crawling out of the woodwork. It’s pretty revolting, no wonder the man is sensitive. It seems that the majority harbour ill will towards him even before he even boarded the aircraft.

    In the UK people are now being prosecuted for hiding behind the internet to abuse individuals based upon their race. Good.

    In Lucky’s defence, he didn’t feel the need to criticise this man’s behaviour based upon race. In fact, a post last week showed people melting down in airports of all races and he didn’t mention colour or nationality once.

  38. Yes, we are aware of the tragic laws in the UK limiting free speech rights. We are sympathetic to those who are oppressed by such laws, and will guard against similar laws being passed in the US to infringe on basic human rights.

    In the USA, there is a well-researched and well-documented phenomenon in which authorities are hesitant / slow to respond to inappropriate behavior by minorities, due to the fear of being labeled “racist” or demonized by the media and the public at large. Apparently even *mentioning* that academically-documented trend is, by some in this thread, considered racist. When an argument has no merit (or the poster is too lazy to construct a merited argument), then they just throw out the blanket “racism” charge as an easy way to dismiss a thoughtful post.

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