Starlux Airlines May Not Be Flying Yet, But They Already Have An Awesome Safety Video

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I’ve written about Starlux Airlines, a promising new airline that will be launching in early 2020. The airline will be based out of Taipei and will initially operate flights within Asia, before eventually launching long haul flights.

While China Airlines and EVA Air are already excellent, Starlux Airlines is going even more upmarket, hoping to be “the Emirates of Taiwan.” Their slogan is “Born to be luxury, shining like stars,” and they describe themselves as “a detail-oriented airline.”

Starlux Airlines isn’t even selling tickets yet, though they’ve already released their safety video. While that’s not the normal “order of operations” for a startup airline, I get why — because the safety video is really, really awesome.

The safety video is called “StarWonderers,” and it features interstellar travelers getting prepared for their flight. The video is just so cute, so if you have a few minutes, check it out:

I think they just took such an adorable approach to this video. Some airlines try too hard to make a safety video overly humorous, while other airlines create videos that are really distracting.

I find this video to be the perfect balance — it’s visually stunning to watch, and it actually causes me to pay attention to the safety features being shown, rather than feeling like I’m a guest at a comedy club.

Well done, Starlux Airlines! Now start selling tickets already, because I want to fly with you guys!

What do you make of Starlux Airlines’ new safety video?

(Tip of the hat to Phillip)

  1. It is very cute… but I don’t understand why Asian airlines always put white people as their stock passengers. Is the only two-eyed passenger a blonde white man? (Besides maybe the Frozen copyright infringement?).

    Haha đŸ˜›

  2. @ Lucky,

    Any reason I can no longer click on the icon stating how many comments an article has received and be directly linked to the comments section? I really miss not always having to scroll through the entire article to get to the comments section

  3. Im getting obsessed with this airline and they aren’t even flying yet! The seats, the uniforms, the livery, the video etc just gets me so excited.

  4. actually the ceo had went to Germany to pick up & flew the a321 back to Taipei:
    you can see the cabin and crew in uniform in the video.
    yes the fatso (by Taiwanese standard) with a pair of glasses is the guy. In his words they strive to make Statlux the best of Taiwan. Considering the other 2 (CI & BR) it’s worth looking forward to.

  5. Wow – a bitch-slap and fat shaming in a safety video. No US airline would ever get away with it in our cancel culture nonsense era.

  6. Am I only the one that finds this all very stupid, childish and confusing! Trying to follow and understand the main safety issues, through all this annoying nonsense is difficult. Worse is that awful cartoon soundtrack. Not classy but crass….and totally going against the whole ethos and image of an airline that calls itself StarLux. (Even the CGI was not that great.)

  7. Fun video.

    Lots of copyrighted ‘inspiration’?

    Monster Inc.
    The Incredibles
    Inside Out.

    Would have been nice if Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks actually made something like this.

  8. @Shannon. Yes. Sadly, I am toooo old. I remember the days of flying; the comfortable wicker chairs, stewards wearing starched white uniforms and the vomit bucket. LOL. LOL.

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