St. Regis Maldives Offering Half Board For Off-Season Award Stays

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The St. Regis Maldives is one of the most stunning hotels in the Marriott portfolio. It’s awesome to be able to redeem points there, though the catch is that even when redeeming points you’re still going to be out of pocket quite a bit.

Not only do you have to get to Male, but then you have to pay for the expensive flight transfers to the resort, and then you can expect all the food & drinks to be expensive as well.

If you’ve been considering visiting this resort but have been worried about the costs, the hotel has a generous promotion at the moment.

May is low season in the Maldives, though personally I wouldn’t hesitate to go that time of year. It might rain a bit more than usual, but it should still be beautiful.

For the month of May, the St. Regis Maldives is offering those redeeming points half board (breakfast and dinner). This is stated in the rate rules when making a points booking:

During the month of May, all point reservations will enjoy complimentary breakfast and dinner. Dinner will be set menu in selected restaurants. Book now and stay half board at best address in Maldives.

The St. Regis Maldives is a Category 8 Marriott Bonvoy property, and free nights for that cost 70,000-100,000 points depending on whether it’s peak, standard, or off-peak.

For most of May they have off-peak pricing, so you can book for just 70,000 points per night.

70,000 points per night plus breakfast and dinner included is a pretty awesome deal, if you ask me.

I don’t plan on going to the Maldives anytime soon, but if I were (or if I hadn’t been before), I’d definitely consider taking advantage of this. Dinner can easily run $100+ per person with their prices.

If you’re interested in this then make sure you check the rate rules when you book, since they can always change the terms for future bookings, and there’s no stated end date.

Read my review of the St. Regis Maldives here. See here for the best credit cards for earning Marriott Bonvoy points.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this St. Regis Maldives half board promotion?

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Miler)

  1. The reefs of the Maldives have already been heavily damaged by bleaching due to climate change. Reports on this resort in particular suggest that the reef is mediocre.

    The point of traveling 20+ hours with a huge carbon impact to get to a reef that sucks is… a free breakfast?

  2. Well booked an overwater villa for 480K and got the meal plan – may not use it but can cancel to mid April

  3. Seems like a waste to fly halfway around the world (If coming from North America) and paying for a sea plane to visit an overwater villa in the rainy / stormy season.

  4. You can have your breakfast and dinner, but, most likely, it rain all day long during Off-Season in the Maldives!

  5. Of all the mainstream hotel brands (hyatt/hilton/marriott), feels like the Conrad Rangali has the best house reef, although it too has had its share of bleaching — any specific property people think is better?

  6. Trapped in an island without inclusive lunch?
    Your lunch bill will be through the roof.

    “already been heavily damaged” Is the reason you should go there now. Don’t wait anymore.
    It is only going to get worse. Quickly go while it still last.
    Reefs don’t last forever, Instagram post does.

  7. The free breakfast sounds dope. It’s a shame that Lucky does not care about the environment, but he’s a lot like Trump in his own little way.

  8. Pro tip – order food from the kids menu in the St Regis Maldives. It’s half the price, and same size

  9. Heart of the surf season!!! Bro!

    Climate change is a huge scam perpetrated by the worst people in the world. If there are reef problems in places they are local.

  10. The taxes and fees are still really high. I’m getting $1450 in taxes/fees for a 5 night stay with 280k points in a garden villa. Looks similar for all Marriott properties in the Maldives. The Conrad appears to have no taxes/fees when using points. Is that typical?

  11. @Esteban when I redeemed points here last year, the taxes/fees referred to the transfer flights and green tax. I don’t think there are any other costs involved.

  12. Oh, the carbon foot print….. But do you know that without CO2 we would not have life on this planet? CO2 is needed by plants to make carbohydrates to be eaten by mammalians. No CO2 = No plants and everyone will run out of food very soon. And by the way, at nigh the plants do produce CO2 even in Amazon. If you want to get read of greenhouse gases – water should be the first on the list. You still think sunlight is a “renewable” energy source? Think again! It is coming from thermonuclear reactions on sun. This means a lot of radioactive waste flying out all over the galaxy and the sun would be dead eventually.. So much for a renewable energy source. Should we petition to stop radioactive pollution from the sun?
    Do not feel bad about flying to Maldives – you will share your wealth through taxes and fees and support the local tourism-based economy. (and bloggers will be getting some kickback for the related credit card application). All that is good!

  13. @Pedestrian

    It’s people like you who mess up the ecosystem. Blindly taking one side and ignoring the facts. People like you created the puppet like Greta Thunberg to counter your stupid claims. Yes, humans are destroying the world. Trying to destroy it faster or slower doesn’t change the fact.

    All your dumb arguments with holes in it give opportunities for environmentalist to come out and speak. You don’t even understand the relationship of CO2. You probably learn what you want to hear and ignore what is in between. You are no different than people trying to ban red meat because of cow farts.

    Do those capitalist a favor, stop. Let humanity destroy the planet at a normal pace. Don’t speed it up or slow it down.

  14. @WC Thanks for that. You’re right. I can confirm that the fees are basically just the transfer flights. I’m surprised they don’t make that more clear. It looks like it’s some other tax/fee. I almost didn’t book because of that.

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