SriLankan gives Aerolineas Argentinas Club Condor Class a run for their money

While my blog focuses a lot on leisure and award travel, I’m all about the business traveler and what makes their travel lives easier. That’s why I have aspirations of flying Aerolineas Argentinas’ Club Condor Class, as I shared in this post. Aerolineas Argentinas really centers their product around business travelers:

You will be able to make satellite phone calls through an individual telephone from your seat, paying with your credit card, to a cost of U$S 7.50 per minute. If you wish to send a fax, you will be to request it to the crew to a cost of u$s 7.50 per page.

I thought they were an industry leader in this regard, though reader Zhong Liang Ong pointed out that SriLankan is just as focused on the business traveler:

Your office in the sky

The businessman has not been forgotten as SriLankan Airlines also offers ‘Satcom’, a satellite telephone service connecting passengers to anywhere around the globe, at only US$ 5.00 per minute or it can be used to call family and friends. All it takes is a swipe of the credit card. Passengers can also send faxes from the onboard fax machine and charge their laptop computers at one of three charging stations on board. Added to this is also a seat-to-seat calling facility, which is totally free of charge.

Makes me even more excited about SriLankan joining OneWorld later this year!

Though I’ve flown SriLankan a handful of times before and while I love their business class, I’ve never seen a mention of the fax machine. Surely this could be a cash cow for them if they’d market it a bit more? I wonder if they have a monthly fax pass like GoGo does…

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  1. I’m all for the fax machine, but please be 100% sure there will actually be a fax machine on the plane, as I’d bet it’s not there anymore and nobody updated the webpages.

  2. Make sure to bring business cards for networking purposes while you’re hanging out near one of the charging stations!

  3. I’ll be going business at the end of May. What’s your fax number? I’ll draw you a picture. Haha.

  4. These blurbs say only that you can send a fax. They don’t say whether it’s possible to receive, but a real-time, in-flight AR to UL fax would be epic.

  5. Will get family to check the existence of the fax machine that when they fly on it in June.

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