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I was awaiting this month’s CNN Business Traveller episode with much anticipation, in particular because Richard Quest was in Hong Kong filming a segment for the show and was staying at the same hotel as us. More on that later (and you were wondering why the title of my trip report is “Quest to Istanbul and Hong Kong”).

Anyway, instead of appreciating the show at-large for being awesome, I’m hung up on one minor detail which is driving me crazy. In the first segment of this month’s show (“Best of Hong Kong”), Richard is shown flying from London to Hong Kong.  At 7:24 there’s a pretty clear cabin shot, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what airline he’s flying. Yeah, he’s wearing a British Airways First Class shirt, but it looks to me like he’s flying business. It doesn’t look like Air New Zealand, British Airways, Qantas, or Virgin Atlantic, though, and those are the only airlines that fly that route nonstop (as far as I know, at least). Take a look at 7:24 in the first segment and see if you can figure out what airline he’s flying. What’s confusing me just as much is what that thing is in front of him. Is it the door, or what?

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  1. That shot with Quest in the BA First Class shirt confused me at first. It didn’t even look like a plane! That must have been the exit to the jetway, and he had a bulkhead seat.

  2. I suspect Cathay also flies London – Hong Kong.

    Looks like a door to a jetway.

    Could be 27C on an ANZ B744 or 28C/75C on a VIR B744, although the pitch looks like a bit much for Premium Economy..

  3. Despite wearing a BA First Class short, this was taken onboard a LH plan in Business Class.

    At 7:24 this can be recognised by the seat colours and materials used (grey, blue and silver/aluminium) as well as the pillows provided. The seats shown are 9 A/C onboard a B747, just before door 1L. Furthermore, fast forward to 7:37 and look at the picture in the top left corner. You can see the headrest cover of LH.

    Do I get a prize now? ;-)))

    So it’s certainly true that he was flying from LON to HKG, but not on a nonstop flight but via FRA.

  4. It defiantly looks like the Lufthansa business class seat. You can see the grey headrest and the white and dark blue pillows. Its a bulkhead seat by the door most likely, and you can see the dark blue/purple of the seat as well by where the PTV would pop out

  5. The shot looks like a LH C to me as well. Possibly 2 separate shots spliced together. Just like the Amazing Race, where a United boarding pass spits out from the printer regardless of whatever airline they are flying at the time.

  6. Ah, interesting. I was thinking it was Lufty too, but that seemed too obvious. When he flew from Hong Kong to New York later in the episode, he clearly stated he went via Seoul, while here he said he flew London to Hong Kong, without mentioning a connection.

    The economy must be hitting CNN hard. First slanted flat seats via Frankfurt on Lufthansa, and then flying Continental BusinessFirst on a 757 from New York to London…. ouch! 😀

  7. OK – here is how I did it.

    LHR-FRA-HKG on, yup, LH

    HKG-ICN-JFk of OZ

    EWR-LHR on CO

    I was going to do it all on a RTW ticket but because there were only 2 stops it was not cost effective (the cheapest was around £4k.) Instead, wait for it, I bought three ONE way J tickets. Believe me it was much cheaper. Less than £3.5k

    Hope that helps.

    Richard Quest
    [email protected]

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