Spiritual “heart to heart” from an American Airlines flight attendant

Gawker has a story along with an audio clip from an American Airlines flight attendant having a “spiritual heart to heart” with her passengers. You’ve gotta hear this.


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  1. All humor aside, it looked like the gawker comments were predominantly negative… after hearing it, I got the feeling that the flight attendant was trying to be positive. At least give her the credit for trying…

  2. Seems like at least some passengers enjoyed it. I’ve definitely heard worse. I don’t think it was inappropriate. No mention of religion or deity. What’s wrong with it? Just because it’s goofy?

  3. damn that’s unprofessional. completely out of place. i think more than a few FA’s abuse their place of “authority”, knowing that no PAX would say anything. hell, i wouldn’t be surprised if she was drunk.

  4. She sounds awesome – she wasn’t selling credit cards, preaching about her imaginary friend, or just droning through the standard announcements with the enthusiasm of a block of concrete.

    I can’t imagine I’d want this announcement on every flight I was on, but once in a while to snap jaded travelers out of their grumpy inward looking travel mode, well done!

  5. My. Lord. I’m really not sure what I just listened to. I was afraid listening to it all the way through might qualify me for a free “stress test” lols.

  6. I agree with Seri. Sounds like she was on something.

    My reaction listening to this was a deep visceral feeling of anger. I have no idea why because there’s nothing overtly offensive about it and I’m not usually prone to air rage.

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