Spirit and WestJet Master April Fool’s!

There’s nothing better than a well executed April Fool’s joke. Sadly they’re few and far between, though I think in the travel industry a couple stood out today:

WestJet converts to metric time

Concerned about guest confusion, airline changes schedule display system.

WestJet announced it is changing the way it displays its flight schedule, switching from its current system of “a.m.” and “p.m.” to metric time effective immediately.

“We hope that by converting our flight schedule to metric time, it will simplify things for our guests and ensure they arrive for their flights with lots of time to spare,” said Richard Bartrem.

How to calculate your flight’s departure in metric time:

  1. Take your departure time in 24-hour time. Represented as HR:MIN.
  2. Multiply the HR by 60.
  3. Add the MIN.
  4. Take the total and divide by 1.44.

(HR x 60) + MIN = X / 1.44 = New metric flight time (in milliminutes)

Sample calculation:

5:42 pm = 17:42

(17 x 60) + 42 = 1062 / 1.44 = 737 milliminutes


Spirit Airlines introduces Mother of All Sleeper beds

Spirit Introduces M.O.A.S. – Be the First to Enjoy a Full Night’s Rest by Trying Our New
Lie-Flat Non-premium Bed

MIRAMAR, Fla. (April 1, 2014) – Spirit Airlines known for pioneering low-fare air travel options throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Latin America, is pleased to be the first ultra-low fare carrier to offer full flat-bed seats. Beginning April 1, 2025, Spirit will offer travelers the option of purchasing a full flat-bed seat in a slim-line, light-weight design. Our Mother of All Sleeper (M.O.A.S) bed will offer an unparalleled flight experience in the belly (luggage area) of each of our Airbus A320 family aircraft. One hundred private suites among the five-hundred M.O.A.S. beds will also be available to purchase.

Optional Product Fees (available only in conjunction with purchase of a M.O.A.S. flat-bed accommodation):

• Heavy wool blankets – $19.95 (not guaranteed effective above 15,000 feet)
• Oxygen Mask – $49.98 (when and where available – not guaranteed on all flights)
• 2-foot bed extender – $299.99 (beds vary in length; typically fit customers up to 5’6″ in height if knees are bent slightly)
• Sleep-aid pills – $159.99

Available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Temperatures in the belly vary but are typically about 40 degrees Fahrenheit (think meat locker). Due to security concerns, passengers are not allowed to bring their own blankets. Spirit is not liable for any injuries or scratches incurred as a direct result of the use of any blanket purchased on board.

Passengers will load through the cargo doors. There is no elevator service available from belly of the aircraft to the main cabin. Accordingly, by purchasing M.O.A.S. accommodations, customers acknowledge they must climb a ladder in the event they need to use the restroom facilities located on the main passenger flight deck

“We are pleased to offer customers the option to save money on a hotel by offering an unparalleled in-flight sleeping experience,” says Ben Baldanza, Spirit’s CEO. “We are proud to be the first ultra-low fare carrier to give customers the freedom to choose an in-the-belly flat-bed experience.”

To celebrate the future of our in-flight sleeping experience, Spirit is offering a selection of ultra-low fares exclusively for $9 Fare Club members from just $20* one way when you travel to select destinations on select dates in April 2014, May 2014 and June 2014. Book today! But hurry, these members-only fares are limited in availability. All flights must be booked by 11:59 PM on April 2, 2014.

Don’t miss out on being the first to enjoy our M.O.A.S. beds – mark your calendars now to be among the first to try this new incredibly low-fare full flat-bed option, brought to you by the leader of low fares: Spirit Airlines.

Any other great ones I miss? Which one was your favorite?

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  1. WestJet forgot to convert metric time from decimal to hexadecimal :-). (Yes, I’m a software techie. I once sent a bogus EMAIL around my office telling folks that from now on, they needed to enter football pool score predictions in hex. Let’s see, the last Super Bowl score was Seahawks 2B, Broncos 8.)

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