Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Does Hilarious Stand-Up Routine On Delayed Flight

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There have been lots of videos over the years that have gone viral of flight attendants making funny announcements. Some airlines, like Southwest, are even known for this (or at least were in the past, though I think their culture has changed a bit over the years).

I find some of the humorous flight attendant announcements to be laugh-out-loud-funny, while in other cases they’re borderline cringeworthy.

A few weeks ago a Facebook user shared a video of the announcement made by a Spirit Airlines flight attendant during a delay, and it’s one of the funniest flight attendant “routines” I’ve ever seen. The guy could genuinely be a stand-up comic, in my opinion. He pokes fun at just about everything and everyone, including Spirit Airlines. For example, he notes that there’s a flight attendant call button, but you may not want to push it, given that Spirit is ranked last in customer service. Hah!

If you have a couple of minutes and want a good laugh, check out the video:


What do you think of this flight attendant’s routine — do you think it’s funny, or no?

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  1. I’m curious what Spirit leadership thinks about it. I mean, it’s one thing to know you’re terrible, but quite another to go promoting that fact to customers. I get it that he’s being cheeky, but I’d not be surprised if he were to find himself jobless.

  2. Totally unprofessional and cringeworthy. Only possible on a US airline. This would never happen on LH, SQ, EY, QR, CX.
    If there is a delay in departure the only think I expect from the FAs is to keep an eye on my champagne flute make sure it’s always full and collect it right before they strap themselves into the jump seats.

  3. @ AdamR: I’d put money that they won’t think too much about this. This is actually pretty good PR for them, as sad as the “last in service” comment may be. They are known for either terrible service, people not reading the “fine print” on their fares, fights breaking out on their planes, and their less than family-friendly/professional advertising (aka the $69 fare). Considering Southwest can’t get a break at the moment with all of their maintenance mishaps, Allegiant being deemed one of (if not the most) unsafe airline in the nation, I’m sure all of that combined with this viral comic will put Spirit in a good position for now. The Southwest flight attendant who did a comedic safety announcement ended up being on Ellen… so.

  4. @dcaguy – he said it himself…only on Spirit

    Someone tell AA that FAs can have fun at work!

  5. I personally hate the unprofessional behavior of flight attendants on some US carriers.

  6. It’s so cringey. Most importantly if I’m on the plane I don’t have the choice of NOT listening to the guy ramble on. You might like his humor, but subjecting everyone to it just isn’t right. How about he sticks to keeping unsolicited comedy routines to open-mic night where people aren’t literally a captive audience?

  7. @Dcaguy You realize 150 people behind you don’t have champagne flutes? I didn’t get his humor but you come across as incredibly elitist, entitled, and obnoxious

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