*Spectacular* service at the Marriott Sky City Hong Kong

As most of you probably know, I can be a tough critic at times. I tend to focus on the details, which means I find lots of things to nitpick when writing trip reports, mainly because I’d like to present a balanced report and not just salivate over an amazing product. Well, after a wonderful Cathay Pacific flight from Manila we’re at the brand new Marriott Sky City hotel near Hong Kong airport. In the hour we’ve been here I’ve decided that this hotel has some of the most well trained and professional employees I’ve seen anywhere in the world. We were greeted at the welcome desk at the airport, escorted to a nice sedan (as opposed to ugly airport bus) which drove us to the hotel. At check-in we were greeted by name, with a smile, explained all the features of the hotel, and then escorted to our room. When we got to the club lounge instead of the agent just saying hello, she noticed it was our first time and introduced herself to us. She went through the hours of operation and offerings of the lounge.

When we got to the room there was a welcome fruit plate and a handwritten note from the GM. Nothing impresses me more than a handwritten note, especially one as detailed as what we received. In addition, the facilities here are fantastic. The hotel has only been open for a few months so it still has the new hotel smell, if you know what I mean. The beds are the most comfortable I’ve seen in a long time, the pool is great, and the rooms couldn’t be any better.

While I’ve only been here an hour, I have a feeling I’ll have a hard time faulting any part of this stay. Kudos to the management team here for hiring and training their employees correctly and for running a great hotel. Now I understand why I’ve heard nothing but great things about this hotel so far.

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