A Southwest Flight Attendant That’s Actually Funny

Southwest is known for their flight attendants doing comedy routines during safety demonstrations, and as a frequent flyer I think that can get tiresome.

However, I think this might just be the most well executed one I’ve ever seen:

Certainly gives the Southwest rapping flight attendant a run for his money:

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  1. I’ve been on one of her flights-never forget it. Awesome to be able to share it now 🙂

  2. @Lucky, when was the last time you were actually on a Southwest flight?? Maybe a review is in order? Hehe

  3. In the end the routine was pure hilarity and in good jest but one supposes what probably makes the video a hit is the unspeakable and awkward reality that sometimes planes do crash, undergo turbulence, are hijacked, suddenly disappear and that is the god forsaken moment every passenger forever fears. Which might explain why a humorous take on something that can once every so seldom can become lethal or disturbing is a welcome relief to the unspeakable and unthinkable….


  4. Lucky, as someone who spends a bunch of time on a plane, I am sure you could give the safety announcement in at least two languages. That said how often do you actually listen to them any more? Sure we all hear them, but do we actually listen?

    As soon as someone deviates from the expected script, I certainly take notice. Regardless if the comedy is good or bad, I am paying more attention, and that is a win for the airline. I bet the same is true for you as well, regardless if it gets “tiresome.”

  5. @ Lefty — Totally agree. I’m all for flight attendants “making it their own.” Definitely makes me actually listen.

  6. ShyGuy – I remember the last time Lucky was on a Southwest flight. He had to go from Tampa to a small town in the Deep South for some training. He then posted an in-depth review of his flight, including close-up photos of the plastic cup, the bag of peanuts, and all the other delicacies served with Southwest in-flight meals :-).

    (Actually, my handle notwithstanding, Southwest has become my favorite domestic airline, thanks to fully refundable points bookings and Companion Pass. “Bags and Significant Others Fly Free.” I may have set a record this year – I requalified for Companion Pass on January 10, using a combination of 59,000 points in credit card bonuses along with high end-of-year business expenses carefully timed for maximum impact.)

  7. Thanks for posting that one, Lucky – very enjoyable and the passengers clearly enjoyed it too 🙂

  8. I thought that was great, and am all in favor of these types of partially ad-libbed safety instructions, but given how strictly-regulated the aviation industry is — or at least that’s my layman’s perception — I’m surprised that this sort of thing doesn’t violate one federal regulation or another. Lucky, if you’re ever short on topics for a post, this might be an interesting topic…

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