Southwest announces double Rapid Rewards credit through May 26

Dream big, guys. You can be a few credits closer to that dream trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Southwest is offering double Rapid Rewards for travel booked and completed between April 7 and May 26. Registration is required.

I’ve seen some people suggest that this means the legacies will start offering double elite qualifying miles promotions. Sorry, I think you’re crazy, folks.

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  1. As we’ve seen, many times promos have a lot of “follow the leader” motives play out. Maybe not double miles but a 50% EQM bonus would be nice!

  2. Denver Deal of the Decade, which turned out to be Denver Deal of the Quarter (or month?), happened only because UA was following F9, which was following WN.

    At least for those of us in Denver, I doubt United will leave us out in the cold. WN has big plans here, and United knows it.

    How about a DEQM for Colorado addresses (not unlike Aussie- DEQM last year). Would that get you to ‘move’ to Denver, Lucky? I’ve got a ‘room’ to rent to you!

  3. I know you were just being flip, but not everyone has the time, patience, money, or adventurous spirit to up and fly to Bali on a “whim.” I am not sure that Tulsa is the ultimate hot spot for WN fliers, but you can EASILY use award tickets for travel to popular vacation destinations in Florida, California, Las Vegas, etc.

    The value proposition for WN is not in luxurious international travel, but rather in the ease of use, and the quality of their DOMESTIC coach product. I understand that you are a leisure traveler, and you love your time spent on an airplane, but the fact that most legacy carriers cannot ferry you anywhere anymore without connecting in their hubs can be considered time-consuming and unnecessary if one actually needs to be somewhere in a timely manner. So, the reality is that if you want/have to fly WN domestically, then this is a way to earn their awards more quickly.

  4. @ steve, you realize United can take you to Florida, California, and Las Vegas too right? But there’s a reason people want to take vacations outside of the U.S.

    And legacy miles as just as easy to use if you’re willing to spend double miles. and when you consider the earn and burn ratio, even at the standard award level , UA still gives you more rewards.

  5. It appears that the promotion is only valid for trips booked during the promotion period (though registration can be done any time before the trip). My wife’s mom has 5 Southwest segments coming up before May 26. Given that there are no change fees, and assuming prices haven’t gone up, should she cancel and rebook all her segments?

  6. To Ron:
    You can rebook it for sure, but keep in mind WN gives you a credit not per segment, but per flight. So, rebook them as 5 separate reservations if its worth it.

  7. Oh yeah, it’s 5 one-way flights (round-trip Northeast to Florida, triangle trip Northeast–Northern Cal–SoCal). There’s no need to book them as separate reservations. Some of these one-way flights are multi-segment (either on the same plane, where Southwest doesn’t tell you the stop city, or with a change of plane), but booking those as separate flights will likely cause a fare increase that’s not worth the extra rewards.

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