This Southwest Airlines Video Will Make You Cry

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I’m not someone who cries very often, but this brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills…

In 1967 Col. Roy Knight was shot down in the Vietnam War. His remains were only recently found, and were returned to the US. In general that provides the family with some much needed closure. However, there’s something that makes this story extra special.

Col. Knight’s son was five years old when his dad left for Vietnam, and the last time he saw his dad was when he brought him to Dallas Love Field to go to Vietnam.

Now his son, Bryan Knight, is a captain for Southwest Airlines. He was able to operate the flight to Dallas Love Field with his father’s remains on it.

Man, that’s some heavy stuff. Talk about coming full circle.

There’s just something so beautiful about how all of this is done. I think the reason I’m so emotional about this is because his son’s reaction wasn’t exactly what I was initially expecting.

It’s clear Captain Bryan is proud to bring his dad home, and views all of this as an incredible and positive opportunity that honors his father, rather than something to be sad about.

Here’s the video (just make sure you’re somewhere where it’s okay to cry):

Here’s a version with the ATC audio and more, which is even better (if you have a few extra minutes):

  1. Ben, please do your readers a favor.
    Remove Vanya’s comment above.
    Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and we could actually do with one less.

  2. Cry? I’m sorry but no way, The US went somewhere they didn’t belong because Mao put out a bait where he felt he had a place where he could kill them off with the help of another country’s people. Very similar to Korea. Nobody would go to make war with China so Mao staged it in other areas.

    I’m sorry for your people who voted in presidents not FOR America and it people, but merely for the sake of feeling righteous about being world police and “saving the world”.

    From what? Gun control?

    Having that said, I lived in a Muslim country for five years and never had an issue, very friendly people, however the ones who hasn’t traveled are a bit naive in a funny way.

    Islamist were created by people interfering with their lives because of economical interests, if the world really cares about people it wouldn’t be so hard to get a shot at North Korea, but unfortunately for its people they got no oil…

  3. @Anne K. So opinions are valid except the ones you don’t agree with? By wanting to remove them, that’s censorship and something you Americans accuse others of.

  4. @Chris: I’m sure that’s all very comforting for the man who last saw his father when he was five years old and who had nothing to do with the war.

    Rituals like these aren’t for the dead, they’re for the living. Have a heart.

  5. It is a moving story and if you do not feel some emption then well some things are better left unsaid!

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