An interesting Premium Service flight on the horizon?

Next Saturday I’m flying from LAX to JFK on United’s delightful Premium Service (trying to get a few trips in before they take away our easy upgrades thanks to the “special” nature of the flight), which I booked nearly a month ago. What surprised me is that at the time of booking the flight was F2, meaning they had already sold 10 of the 12 first class seats. That seems quite rare given that very few people are booking three cabin first nowadays and also because this is well over a month before departure.Ā  As a point of reference, all other flights on the route that day had at least nine first class seats available for sale.

Now it doesn’t really matter to me because I already have a confirmed upgrade to business class, but I can’t help but wonder what the deal is. Is there something going on in LA, or for that matter New York, that would cause a migration of 10 high rollers? Or maybe someone famous and their (really big) entourage are taking over the flight?

Either way I’m bringing my camera and will have TMZ on speed dial, or whatever the email equivalent is. Hey, someone’s gotta pay for my travel.Ā šŸ˜€

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  1. What do you mean before they take away our easy upgrades on the flight? Shouldn’t it be easier to upgrade with CR1s on this flight since there won’t be e500s anymore?

  2. It’s only easier if you’re a 1K… It’s harder and more expensive as a 1P/2P. No more e500s and mileage upgrades got more expensive :((

  3. alternate option would be CO=free upgrade it’s a hit or miss better than UA= no free upgrade on PS. maybe AA?

  4. Lucky,
    When will you be at LAX? I’ll probably be there for most of the day saturday for a long layover. Would love to meet up!

  5. @ Dan — Because apparently there are ten legitimate first class passengers that booked six weeks out. If that happened more often United would be making billions, or maybe they’re just special people.

    @ Alex P. — I’m actually on an early flight to JFK at around 8:30AM, and will be there for about an hour beforehand. Also at LAX for a short time on Friday night.

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