Someone actually paid for Premier Line?!?

I hate to sound cynical, but I’ve always assumed that most of United’s “Travel Options” are a big hoax. Who the heck is going to pay to have their bag shipped with Fedex, pay a substantial amount to use the elite security line and get priority boarding, and “accelerate” their miles while accelerating their debt? The only reasonable travel option is the Economy Plus upgrade, in my opinion, and even that is usually overpriced.

Well, today in the elite security line at SFO, the lady in front of me was holding her boarding pass in such a way that I could plainly see it. My vision sucks, so I read it as “Premier Life.” That didn’t make any sense to me. Million Miler would be Premier Executive for life, and it’s not noted on boarding passes like that. Of course I misread, and it really said “Premier Line.”

So there you have it folks. Someone actually paid $25+ for priority check-in (which is worthless), priority security (which was worthless today since both lines were long), and priority boarding, which couldn’t have been all that tempting given that she was in a middle seat in coach.

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  1. Ugh. I hate this. I saw an older woman buy this at check-in. I wanted to scream to her… but didn’t. Perhaps United’s targeting the elderly?

  2. some people are exteremely afraid of having to gate check their carry ons. Maybe the peace of mind of not having to worry about that was worth the $25 to her? It amuses me how emotional some people are about gate checking their carry ons.

  3. if you know of anyone who used the luggage fedexing option, then I’ll really be surprised

  4. UA says “travel options” will bring them over $1 billion in 2009. Someone is using at least some of these options…

  5. Does UA sell exit row seats? I’d happily pay $25 – $100 (depending on length of segment) to get one.

    Who all sells emergency row seats? Can someone offer me up a list of airlines?

    I’m 6’6″ and am horribly uncomfortable in standard pitch coach seats.

  6. Eric,

    While United does not sell exit row seats, they do sell Economy Plus seats at check-in or at booking. United’s Economy Plus offers up to 5 extra inches of legroom compared to standard pitch coach seats.

  7. Charitable interpretation: perhaps somebody paid for her Premier Line to make her think she was getting a Special Deal. Cheaper than springing for Econmy Plus….

  8. Well, even though the lady is in middle seat, she gets to board in zone 1 instead of 3 and gets earlier dib in getting bin space (assuming she needs some).

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