Some more about my latest mileage run….

I should probably apologize for my lack of posts this week. Lucky, my dog (yes, my online “persona” is named after him), has spent a couple of days in the hospital, but fortunately is starting to recover. He has always had health issues, but never as bad as earlier in the week. As it turns out he has a serious case of diabetes and was on the verge of dying, so we’re lucky we brought him to the vet, because they said he would have been dead if we had waited another couple of days. Anyway, he’s one heck of a guy and no doubt one of my most loyal friends, so that took quite a bit out of me this week. I’m praying for a full recovery, although he’ll need to get two shots every day for the rest of his life, unfortunately.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I never wrote about my mileage run this past weekend, short of mentioning the very special blog reader that seemed to stalk find his way onto a couple of my flights. As I mentioned Matthew joined me for most of the segments on this run, and he did a great job summing up our travels on his blog. Amazingly enough we’re not the only ones that like hot nuts (flight attendants do as well)!

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  1. Not that this is my business, but I hope you will keep an eye on your no.1 fan in the future, especially now that he has started following you around. You have no idea whats in their mind. Once they realise they just can’t get enough of you on the plane, they’d go further and further and eventually end up at your home, admiration can turn into jealousy and then hostility, they can be dangerous.:(

  2. I am able to dogsit if you ever need. I take very good care of dogs and cats. Let me know I am usually available if not doing mileage runs for more SWUs!


  3. Lucky, you may want to check to see if Florida has anti-stalker laws. Many of us who have known you personally for years are becoming quite concerned with this situation,

  4. I read your blog daily but this is the first time I’ve ever posted anything. I, too, am a dog lover with a great yellow Lab named Jake. He was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in April 2009 and the vets told us he’d only be around another 2 -3 months. I started my own blog then, to document what I thought were his final months. We took him to the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University for an experimental treatment and here we are, almost a year later, and he’s doing great.

    Sending good thoughts that Lucky will be as “lucky” as Jake!

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