So TSA agents do have a sense of humor….

I often say I won’t provide any commentary and then end up ranting just a bit. In this case I don’t need to say anything. This story speaks for itself:

A TSA worker pulled a small plastic baggie full of white powder out of Rebecca Solomon’s carry-on bag. After 20 seconds of the young woman’s panic, sweating, and disbelief, the security guard said: Just kidding!

The practical joke on the 22-year-old Wynnewood native by a Transportation Security Administration screener occurred in the Philadelphia International Airport Jan. 5 on her way back to school, reports Inquirer columnist Daniel Rubin.

Solomon didn’t think it was funny.

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  1. Can they do that?? Did he get in trouble?? crazy….I’m not sure how I would react if someone did that to me….

  2. Everyone jokes about the TSA being equal to fast food workers. There have been a few times I’ve gone into a fast food place and order something like a big mac and the person will say “we’re out of big macs” so I just say “well never mind then” and walk off only to hear “I was just playin, anything else?”

    It’s annoying at a fast food restaurant, but the most they can do is give me crappy food. TSA has the ability to get law enforcement involved and really mess with a person.

  3. Very poor judgement by the TSA agent. News is reporting the agent has left his position. Doesn’t mention whether he resigned or was fired.

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