So this is what it looks like to be restrained on a plane…

Check out this Gawker story about a passenger being restrained on an Icelandair flight. I’ve always wondered what it looks like to be restrained on an airplane, and now we even have a picture. Apparently the story behind it is as follows:

According to eyewitness accounts and Iceland’s Morgunblaðið newspaper (link in Icelandic; pretend it’s a Bjork song), the gentleman pictured downed “an entire bottle” of duty free alcohol, then proceeded to lose his damn mind, groping, choking, and spitting on other passengers, and yelling that the plane was going to crash.

Wow, that’s gotta be embarrassing once he sobers up…

(Tip of the hat to Steven)

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  1. CNN just reported that Icelandair keep duct tape on board for this exact reason. Between that and plastic ties, he wasn’t going anywhere. Classic story.

  2. Sorry, but idiots like these need to be banned from any future flying. Period. People need to be held accountable for their actions. Just imagine if you were on this flight with this jerk.

  3. @Kai – Usual procedure for a restrained passenger during landing is for a nearby Able Bodied Passenger (ideally a spare crew member if available) to be designated to release/assist them in case of an emergency evacuation. I’ve had a similar situation on KLM some years ago where they gave me the set of handcuff keys for landing in case of an emergency.

  4. Tell us the truth Ben! I heard you were so high on champers that you literally ran naked all over the place, right after the A380 shower.

    There is a fatwah to get you arrested !

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