So, I saw “Flight” this weekend…

As I mentioned on Friday, I had planned on seeing the movie “Flight” at iPic Remond, which is a pretty cool theater with international business class airline-style seats and service. Unfortunately, they were sold out by the time I went to buy my tickets, so I ended up going to a theater closer to my apartment yesterday.

The movie “Flight” was just released in theaters this weekend, and stars Denzel Washington. Here’s a preview:

The premise of the movie is that Denzel Washington’s character is a captain for “SouthJet Airlines,” though he’s also an alcoholic. He’s piloting a flight from Orlando to Atlanta, and the plane crashes in a manner that’s remarkably similar to Alaska Airlines 261.

Anyway, he performs an absolute miracle “ditching” and “only” six of the 102 people aboard die, which the NTSB considers to be a miracle. The problem is that he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.24 at the time of the crash, so the movie follows how he copes with the situation and whether he gets away with it or not given the “miracle” he performed.

This movie isn’t as much about the flying “lifestyle” as “Up in the Air,” and instead is a lot more about the problems alcoholics face. That being said, it was a great movie. I’m no movie critic (as I’m often reminded when I mention that I think “Abduction” was a top-notch movie), though the acting was believable, and the movie had both drama and some “laugh out loud” funny moments.

I’m not usually one for going to the movies (since I watch my fair share in-flight), but I thought it was well worth the time and money.

For those of you that saw the movie this weekend, what did you think?

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  1. Your comment about watching movies in-flight reminded me of watching movies on then Saudi Arabian Airlines. The movies were so censored that it was comical (any female skin below the neck was blurred and romantic scenes were cut out entirely). While I know that’s extreme, I also know that most movies are edited for in-air viewing on all airlines, and sometimes that effects the quality of the movie. My point is you should watch more movies off the airplane! Or alternatively, take movies with you on a computer/tablet.

  2. Dang it, Ben.

    I went to the Wikipedia page of the Alaska 261 and then that made me go to the page of Swissair 111 and then I remembered the DJ Paul Van Dyk interview I reposted in my blog where he says he refuses to fly on any McDonnell Douglas aircrafts. Ever.

    All AWESOME things to keep in mind after booking multiple mileage runs that will inevitably include many of the bazillion (192, last I checked) MDs AA still has on their fleet…

    Thanks, Ben!

  3. Enjoyed the film as well. The crash scene was intense. Happy it was relived throughout the film. Once was enough. Denzel’s ability to cry is uncanny. Really liked the relationship between “Whip” and Nicole. Loved how his character takes full responsibility for his actions (even though it was his actions that saved lives). The ending scene between he and his son was emotional. All in all a very good movie about dealing with your demons and taking personal responsibility.

  4. I thought the movie was very good. It shows the pressure these pilots are under and how they deal with it. They are no different than athletes, actors, etc except they hold our lives in their hands not just their own.

  5. I hope you mean 0.024%. I’d be surprised if anyone let me on the plane with 0.24%. The legal limit for a pilot is 0.019%, and at 0.04% they loose their license for good.

  6. I watched (and loved) “Abduction” per your request earlier this year. So why can’t I decided whether to trust you twice and actually go see this movie. Hmmm.

  7. Having not seen the movie but only the trailer, flying inverted is not realistic. Commercial aircraft are not rated or certified as “acro”! Pure Hollywood —-

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