So, I flew with my parents this weekend…

When I’m at an airport or on a plane I’m in my “element.” I feel more at home than I do in my apartment. And then there are those times I fly with my parents…

Mom: “Why doesn’t American fly 797s between Tampa and New York?”
Me: “You mean 777s?”
Mom: “Yes…”

Mom: “Why doesn’t American have Channel 8 audio like United?”

Dad: “Look, it’s Air Force One landing.”
Me: “No it’s not.”
Dad: “Oh, but it’s an Airbus 380.”
Me: “Nah, that’s a 737.”

On the other hand, there are some things that make me proud:

Dad: “Oh, is this the part where I ask for the massage?”

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  1. You aren’t coming off in the best light. It makes you seem like one of those people who feel you are superior to your parents because they don’t have the knowledge base you have in a certain area.

    If your parents are throwing out incorrect aircraft type, what do you think you are accomplishing by correcting them? If they are making these statements, do you think they will know the difference between a 797, 777 or 737?

    To me it sounds more like you were embarrassed that people around you might think you belong in the environment you say you feel most at home in. Let them be wrong sometimes and just let it be. Sounds like they were trying hard to talk in your terms to connect and enjoy the trip with you.

  2. Friends you pick but parents — well that’s just part of the deal. Stories – Parents are great for making stories.

    With reference to the massage comment, I’m hoping it was in the Thai Air Lounge and not on a Thai Air flight. Then again — just another story to share.

  3. I have always tried to persuade my parents to take my miles and travel – especially to see my Aunt in Calgary. But, they have never taken me up and now they are too frail. It’s a shame. I just hope my nephews want a gap year somewhere. Although at 10, it might be hard for the eldest to decide yet!

  4. @RDimperio, I’m assuming Lucky has trained his father to ask for a “massage” at TSA checkpoints…

    At least your Mom knows United has some sort of audio channel–that’s more than a lot of people know, probably!

  5. I suspect Lucky’s parents were asking the questions and making the comments they did in order to “rib” him. I have read the blog for a while now and his whole family come off as very savy.

  6. Sounds like mild ribbing to me. Or maybe general indifference. Either way that’s what having parents is all about right? I must say that I actually see no problem with asking why American doesn’t have an ATC channel like United for the benefit of curious passengers. Back when I used to fly United I always made a point of checking to see if ATC was going to be on (sometimes it was nothing but jazz or static). Although I could swear it was channel nine. šŸ˜‰

  7. Coins,
    In my house I have an expression for ‘private’ topics’. It’s called Family Business.This means whatever I say or do is not to be discussed with outsiders.

    So while you think it’s cute to out your Mom and Dad above, these things are best left unsaid. The shortcomings of family are ‘Family Business’.

    I do forgive you, as the antics of parents (younger than me) are fodder for all blogs. Wink.

  8. While I’m a frequent reader of your blog, this definitely isn’t a post I’d be proud of if I were you.

    Your parents are clearly showing interest in your life and your hobby – yet you can’t let go of a few details. Most people don’t have the slightest clue about different air crafts, get over it and enjoy your time with your parents.

  9. I think it’s hilarious; it’s exactly what my parents would be like. And I think it’s sad that other readers feel the need to scold you.

  10. Wow, I can’t believe some of the negative people posting on here who can’t find the humor in this. SMH

    I thought this was great insight into your parents innocence regarding technical aviation information, made me laugh and picture my own parents doing the same thing.

  11. Yea, I’m an airline geek and get a big smile on my face and a chuckle in my heart whenever Mom makes an attempt to sound like she shares my interest.

    My favorite was boarding DFW to SFO back in the day when AA’s only widebodies were DC-10s and 767s. As soon as we walked onboard this widebody, she says “ooohh, is this one of those DC-67’s ?”

    But my great grand-parents have her beat. I flew with them many times between DFW and TPA. In their mid-80s, I was with them on their 2nd trip by air. As we approach TPA, Grandpa surprised me when he stated “we must be getting close because the flaps are coming down” Indeed , they were. This man retired from the Burlington Route Railroad as the #1 seniority Enginneer and this was only his 3rd flight in his life. I was impressed.
    On short final, Grandma suddenly calls out “Whoa … he just passed the depot !!
    Me: No Grandma, we’re still in the air.
    She: Pa, what’s that place the airplane goes to ? The station, but it’s not a depot.
    Him: You mean the airport ?
    She: Yes. The Aviator passed the airport, I saw it go by.
    Me: (as I point out that the road we were crossing over was Hillsboro Ave) The airport is just in front of us, we’ll be landing in seconds.
    So we landed. Riding the last row of seats on a Braniff 727, it was VERY apparent when the “Aviator” revved up the reverse thrust.
    She calls out in a loud voice over the engine noise “Yea buddy, It’s about time you slowed this thing down.” And as I get a jab in my leg with her walking cane, “see, I TOLD you he passed up the depot !”
    And of course by that time we had indeed rolled past the terminal, requiring a 180 degree turn to “go back”.
    I did catch a few smiles on other passengers faces. Unfortunately today, her yelling out would probably be deemed a security threat.

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