So, about American’s recent catering changes…

Back in October American changed their domestic first class meal service somewhat to both switch up their entrees and also change the type of food they serve on snack flights.

Admittedly what American served on snack flights is half of what’s wrong with the US — they consider hot nuts, a salad with creamy dressing, cheese enchiladas, pita chips, hummus, and a cookie, to be a “snack.” Forget the “Freshman 15,” I’m coining the “Executive Platinum 20.”

For example, here’s a picture of a “snack” American used to serve on an 8:10PM flight from Chicago to San Francisco:

So what does the first class meal on the same flight look like now? Well, from one extreme to another, here’s what they serve now on the same flight:

Yeah, that’s it. Admittedly my waist will thank American, though I still find this to be a very frustrating change.

If the flights coded as serving “snacks” were actually during snack hours I could understand that, but by any reasonable standard a flight departing at 8:10PM should serve dinner. If you have to leave home or the office by 5PM you probably haven’t had dinner, so I hardly think that’s a “snack” flight.

Anyway, if you’re on a domestic flight in first class coded as serving a “snack,” be sure to bring your own food or expect to leave hungry!

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  1. Do they still serve hot nuts on their snack flights?

    You should also comment about the lunch flights, those meals have been scaled back substantially.

    It’s pretty abysmal, AA has gone from first to worst when it comes to meal catering. And what makes it even worse is that they won’t acknowledge or even discuss the changes. I’ve tweeted at them multiple time and emailed, and never received any substantial response.

  2. Example one is more substantial than most DL first class meals. Example two is thin, but for a 1500-2000 mile flight departing at that hour Delta passes around a basket with bananas, candy bars, peanuts, etc. There is no “catering” at all.

  3. Brian– they thankfully do still serve hot nuts on the snack flights, however the hot chocolate chip cookie has been eliminated.

  4. Did you guys know that the company that caters the food to AA is Swans which cooks the hungry man meals etc in all food warehouses. I had the pleasure of talking to a man that works in their Convington plant and he told me that the stuff that you buy at Giants,Safeway, Kroger is actually better than what they prepare for the airlines.
    The meal above costs around $1-$2 in Safeway and will cost considerably less for AA/UA/DL etc.
    You are eating total garbage you can bet your *** you are…

  5. I have been enjoying the cold pasta salad on the United snack flight as a nice in-between hot meal and cheese platter. Its a nice late night, light meal before you try to doze off.

  6. I think they swiped the $8 in Coach US Airways- Cheese Plate– looks exactly the same. Sadly the premium you are paying for first class is well above that price point!

  7. That looks more in line with United. The first AA snack photo above was more food than I get for a _dinner_ meal on United!

  8. Downsizing meal service would alter my decision to purchase tickets in F class on American. Last Monday we flew ORD-SAN on a 4:25PM departure that’s a 4 hour flight. It was listed as a ‘snack’ flight. How they could tag a 4:25PM departure for snack service is beyond me. Fortunately it appeared to be a full meal service.

    I would only try for upgrades if food service gets watered down in F.

  9. For me, a typical business trip ends with a meeting running long and mad rush to airport with and no time for a meal. I’m going to miss the old AA “snack”.

    On the upside, the new snacks may come in supermodel portions, but they are tasty.

  10. Dammit, I just followed WorldWingedExplorer’s link expecting to learn the secrets of fuel dumping and all I found was a bunch of wrastlers……

  11. I flew home from ORD-DCA the day after SMD IV, on a first class ticket booked with Avios. i was told there was probably only a snack, but the “snack” was soup and half a wrap with pita chips. i think the other option was a shrimp salad. Not that I’m complaining, but pretty hefty for a snack šŸ™‚

  12. I should add that my flight was on American Eagle, don’t know if that makes a diference.

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