Saturday Night Live’s “Airline Pilots” Skit

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Saturday Night Live has airline-themed skits with some frequency, and they had their latest such skit yesterday. On last night’s SNL there was a skit called “Airline Pilots,” starring Harry Styles and Mikey Day.

The nearly five minute skit is about two pilots having a raunchy conversation during the flight, and as it turns out the intercom is on, so passengers can hear everything they’re saying. Then in their effort to calm the passengers, they only make things worse.

Here’s the video, if you want to watch it:

Personally I didn’t think it was very funny overall, but I’m sure others have a different take. I did laugh at the emotional support animal part, though.

I find it interesting that they used the “JetBlue” name — I guess the airline is taking the “any publicity is good publicity” approach when it comes to this.

I still think one of the better airline SNL skits was the one poking fun at how absurd airline boarding processes are:

What did you think of the SNL “Airline Pilots” skit?

  1. Yeah it was pretty good. I still like the old David Spade skit about the “de-planing” process “Ba-Bye”!

  2. @chris and @echino run a VPN such NordVPN or ExpressVPN and switch to the USA. I am in AUstralia and had to do that. As an aside it reminds me of a late night flight pit for Mumbai flying SQ. I had been upgraded to first (rare). At a guess 50% of the plane boarded before I did.

  3. Satire is exempted from copyright laws. (Obviously, it’s more complicated than that.) I suspect JetBlue had nothing to say about it.

  4. i thought it was hilarious, specially Harry as a brit doing the whole american “gooooood morning FOLKS” hahaha

  5. David Spade is the king of the airline skits, from Buh-Bye to Tommy Boy.

    And how is Harry Styles still a thing??? One would think that he’d actually try to appeal to people…

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