SLH Makes Changes To “Invited” Loyalty Program

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Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) is a group of over 500 independent boutique luxury properties in 80 countries.

While SLH has their own loyalty program, they also have a partnership with Hyatt, allowing World of Hyatt members to earn and redeem points for stays at SLH properties. On top of that, World of Hyatt members receive select benefits for these stays.

Well, SLH continues to have their own loyalty program, known as “Invited,” and they’ve just announced some changes to it. SLH’s Invited program will be changing as of September 10, 2019.

So, what’s changing?

New Tiers: Intrigued, Inspired, And Indulged

Previously SLH’s Invited program had the following three tiers:

  • Invited status, which you get with your first stay
  • Inspire status, which you get with 1-5 stays
  • Indulged status, which you get with 6+ stays

Going forward, the Invited program will have the following three tiers:

  • Intrigued status, which you get for 0-3 nights
  • Inspired status, which you get for 4-12 nights
  • Indulged status, which you get for 13+ nights

As you can see, status qualification is going from being based on stays to being based on nights. Whether or not that’s good news depends on your typical stay patterns.

MUSE Saint Tropez, an SLH property

Changes To Tier Benefits

As you might expect with tiers shifting, the benefits associated with these tiers are changing as well, and the shifts are bad.

Here are the old SLH Invited benefits:

Then here are the new benefits as of September 10:

Most significantly:

  • With the old program you received complimentary breakfast just for signing up, while with the new program you only receive it with Inspired status, after four nights
  • All tiers continue to get late check-out subject to availability, but it’s now only until 2PM rather than 3PM

Nimb Hotel Copenhagen, an SLH property

My Take On These Changes

SLH’s loyalty program has been one of the better ones out there as far as independent programs go. Getting free breakfast just for signing up is a nice perk.

So it’s a bummer to see them eliminate free breakfast even with your first stay, though more than that I find this move to be curious.

All World of Hyatt members (including non-elite members) who book an SLH property through Hyatt receive the following benefits:

  • Complimentary wifi
  • Daily complimentary continental breakfast
  • Room upgrade (one category at check-in, if available)
  • Early check-in (noon, based upon availability at check-in)
  • Late check-out (2:00PM, based upon availability at check-in

So now SLH is treating base World of Hyatt members better than base members of their own program. While the marketing partnership between the two companies has been successful as far as I know, you’d still think SLH would want to encourage people to book directly whenever possible.

This makes me wonder if we could see changes to the World of Hyatt benefits offered at SLH properties.

Château la Chenevière Port-en-Bessin, an SLH property

What do you make of these changes to SLH’s Invited program?

  1. I’ve found that upgrades at SLH properties tend to be scarce even for their own members, so I don’t put a lot of stock into that benefit for WOH members.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the 10% “members rate” if you book directly through SLH is not available if you book through Hyatt, so there’s definitely an argument that WOH members are paying for that complimentary breakfast though a somewhat higher rate.

  2. But, it was not uncommon to see WOH charging significantly more for the same rooms than what SLH charged their members on the SLH website.

  3. The benefits almost always sucked, since every SLH hotel I stayer at offered early check in and was all inclusive. Im sure some of the shittier properties didnt have that service, but at over 1k usd a night per person they’ve always been flexible.

  4. A tiny share are all inclusive, so not really a valid comment.

    I had some amazing breakfasts that I wouldn’t through the program, as well as decent upgrades.

  5. “Invited, Inspire, and Indulged”

    And here I thought Hyatt’s “Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist” were ridiculour

    So now SLH and Hyatt are tied for worlds worst status level names.

  6. For me personally it’s a bad move, since now it will be much harder to reach the top tier. Before I needed 6 nights (meaning 6 one-night-stays) and now 13.

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