Singapore’s Changi Airport will get awesomer (if that’s possible) in 2018

I always have a hard time calling Singapore Changi an “airport.” Really, it’s more of a luxury shopping mall that just happens to have gates that will take you anywhere in the world. It’s already hands down the nicest airport in the world (at least terminal three), but that’s not good enough for Singapore, because it’s about to (well, in 2018) get even better.


“Project Jewel” has now been announced, which The Straits Times describes as follows:

Project Jewel is an iconic mixed-use complex being planned at Changi Airport. It is envisaged to be a world-class lifestyle destination that will strongly boost Changiā€™s attractiveness as an air hub.

It will be built near the carpark at terminal one, and the project is supposed to be complete by 2018. Here are a few renderings of the project, including of the centerpiece, which is a giant waterfall similar to what’s at the Marina Bay Sands:

Project Jewel1

Project Jewel2

Project Jewel3

Project Jewel4


(Tip of the hat to Jim)

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  1. The Ambassador Transit Hotel in Terminal 3 is great for a 24 hour layover. (It’s next to the movie theater.)

  2. With the transit vouchers, leg massage machines (free), and “parks” throughout that airport, it’s always a treat to transit there.

  3. Full body massagers next to the children’s play area in Terminal 3 as well. Awesome and cheap food – try the Kilkinney Kopitiyam! My personal favorite is Kaveri – an Indian joint. Probably one of the best places to get stuck! Chargers at practically every seat and free wi-fi.

    @Lucky – no rubber duckies or free food/showers but you don’t need status to be treated well at Changi airport!

  4. Changi is awesome and my favorite airport in the world. They have the best chocolate and candy store I ever seen with brands for all over the world

  5. Voice of dissent here.

    Changi is a very neat airport, huge I may say. But if I want to shop ( I hate them), then I go to the mall.

    My personal preference is airports that have gates very close to the exit door. Massage, showers and lounges are welcome but I just go there to fly, not to shop.

  6. Changi is great but personally I would put CPH as my favourite. Great shopping, amazing design and fantastic transfer centre.

  7. I wish that you could get through into the airport without first having to check-in. If I am departing on the morning UA or DL flights – which all leave between 5am and 7am, I’d just as soon go to Changi the night before and overnight in the transit hotel or even one of the 24-hour lounges – vs. having to pay for a hotel, and have take a cab to the airport at 4am

    But you cannot get your boarding pass ahead of time, at least from UA & DL, so you have to wait until the check-in counters open.

    Sure would be nice to be able to just use your passport to enter the airport proper.

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