Amazing Deal: ~$1,300 Business Class Fares On The World’s Longest Flight

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As of October 11, 2018, Singapore Airlines will be resuming the world’s longest flight, between Singapore and Newark. At 9,500 miles and about 18 hours in each direction, this will be a really long journey. Singapore Airlines will be using their new A350-900ULR for this flight, as they’re the launch customer for the plane type.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is interested in trying Singapore Airlines business class on this flight, even if I can’t decide whether 18 hours sounds like fun, or just too long.

Unfortunately Singapore Airlines hasn’t had any saver level award availability in business class on this flight, which isn’t too surprising. In order to make money on this flight they’re going to need good yields, and award seats don’t contribute all that much towards that. There has been nothing available in business class at the saver level (which would cost 92,000 miles one-way), though there has been some availability at the standard level (130,000 miles one-way).

If you want to try Singapore Airlines business class on the world’s longest flight, there are some phenomenal fares available for travel originating in Ahmedabad, India. Specifically, you can fly one-way Singapore Airlines business class from Ahmedabad to Newark for ~$1,330:

If you choose to fly roundtrip, you’ll pay a little less than double the one-way cost, as a ticket costs ~$2,400:

The fare is available through the end of the schedule, so you can travel anytime between October and next May.

Those are some incredible fares for this much flying, as the roundtrip journey covers over 24,000 flown miles.

The tickets book into the “D” fare class, so here’s a listing of all the programs you can credit those miles to. While you can credit to all Star Alliance programs, my pick would be crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan, where you’d earn 100% elite qualifying miles and 200% redeemable miles, before factoring in any elite bonuses.

I had booked a one-way Singapore Airlines standard award from Newark to Singapore for 130,000 miles, though I’m tempted to cancel that and instead book a ~$1,330 one-way ticket from India to Newark using this fare, because it’s a much better value.

Obviously for most people some positioning would be required, though there are quite a few airlines flying to Ahmedabad, including Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Air India, and Jet Airways.

As usual for international fares, you won’t find similarly good fares for travel originating in Newark or Singapore. Airline pricing is a complex art (or just plain irrational?), so this kind of variation in fares is pretty normal.

If you do book one of these tickets and have access to US credit cards, make sure you maximize the points you earnThe Platinum Card® from American Express offers 5x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines, which is a great option if you’re booking directly with the airline. Meanwhile the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card offers triple points on airfare purchases, and also offers fantastic travel coverage in the event of irregular operations.

Anyone else considering booking one of these great fares?

(Tip of the hat to str1der2903)

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  1. Not a bad way to get AS elite status – SQ D fares earn 100% elite miles and 200% redeemable miles when crediting to AS, before factoring in elite bonuses.

    Crediting to UA earns 100% PQMs, while crediting to SQ’s on KrisFlyer earns 125%

  2. Booking from the UK it is less than £1000 pretty spectacular fair might have to give it a shot.

  3. @ David W — Great point, thanks. Updated the post to reflect the Alaska mileage earning potential.

  4. @Lucky I am from Ahmedabad originally..let me know if you need some info about the city or the airport..would be happy to help..BTW you are 100% not going to like the airport..

  5. Hey lucky! Thanks for this post! My family is from ahmedabad and this will help me in booking their flights!

  6. Also lucky…i agree with @rukmi! Avoid the airport for longer layovers. And if you happen to fly into Ahmedabad, try to avoid domestic to international transfers (certain air india, kuwait airlines, emirates, qatar, etihad, fly dubai and air arabia fly into the international terminal) . Let me know if you have any questions!

  7. Is a “D” fare upgradeable to 1st for a somewhat reasonable adder ? Or maybe they go the auction route ?

  8. I have been kicking the tires on this one but the thing I am concerned about are the seats as I am tall and the Singapore seat in their A350’s get really bad reviews…except for bulkhead seats which they don’t let you book.

    Any belief that the seats are better in this special version of the A350 for the EWR flight?

  9. This is great fare, as I had posted earlier in feb 2018 similar fare for AMD -SIN FOR $1990, for which I did not pull the trigger
    This is little bit higher still great way to fly longest flight and available upto June 2019

    I believe this fate is to target the Colombo departure fare SKYTEAM and Qatar have it

  10. Soo, its cheaper for to go to India and route through SIN to get to EWR than it is to just go the SIN – EWR leg? That is lame.

  11. Is there anyway to avoid that 17 hour layover? Im interested in flying from Mumbai so I thought Ill just take a different flight originating in Mumbai but will my whole trip get cancelled if I skip the ahmedabad-singapore route?

  12. I was really excited for SQ business… But having finally flown them (only HKG-SFO), I found the seat quite uncomfortable. It was hard and strangely set up. I don’t think the bulkhead would have helped much, even though I could have slept in a straighter position. I’d hate to fly it for 18 hours, sadly.

  13. I really wish SQ had put an onboard bar on that aircraft as that would make the 18 hour experience so much better.
    Great fare though!!!

  14. We spotted this one a few days ago and bought for mid-January. It will be our third trip to India and we’re leaning toward an outbound flight to BKK with HU on points and onward to DEL with JL on points.

    A pleasant way to kick off 2019.

  15. Great find Ben & thanks for sharing.. On a biz class ticket with a long layover in SIN, any idea if they put you up at the hotel, airside ?

  16. I saw this a few days ago on Flyertalk and booked! However, I wasn’t seeing the RT for a little less than double. I was seeing it for more (~2900). Either way for ~1300 one way, I’m excited!

  17. anything more than 12 hours should be done in first class.. 18 hours in business class seems like a torture to me

  18. @Lucky…I am from Ahmedabad and I just saw these fares yesterday on SQ and was thinking of pulling the trigger on them. Ahmedabad sometimes offers better fares on some airlines then flying out from BOM/DEL.
    For people getting into Ahmedabad as one of the earlier post mentioned ..its not easy to transfer between two terminals at Ahmedabad also the all domestic airlines except Air India use the domestic terminal and there is a different terminal for International flights. Plus airport is not that great for a long layover…I would recommend to get into the city …

    Let me know if any assistance and info on the city…

  19. Are you going to be a cheapskate and try not to pay for an Indian Visa, Lucky? Perhaps bribe the border guard? Or will you actually step outside of an airport for once and visit a city properly for once?

  20. @Lucky, I think @Jay’s question above where he asked “how did you search for these?” and you answered “On the Singapore website” is not what he meant. I’m assuming he meant (because it’s the same question I have), is how did you know to look for a fare originating in Ahmedabad?

    I don’t normally go to airline websites and start looking for fares originating in random Indian cities…so how did you come across this fare in the first place?

  21. am I missing something? Don’t you need a visa in the passport already before getting into India – no matter how dramatic the fares?

  22. @Elijah

    Yeah, Lucky classes ‘work’ as regurtitating reviews…copy and pasting off a template and paying money to airlines which are operated by governments who kill and torture gay people. The reviews are rather tone-deaf and he has a weird fetish for teenagers and Hello Kitty…

  23. Just booked it. My trip there is a bit adventurous: Will be in Seoul at the time, so I booked a flight with Ana Seoul-Tokyo-Delhi (35.000 M&M Miles+80€), and then Air India Delhi-Amd (150€ Business), and from Newark a week later back home to Europe. That way I can try out the Ana 787 Domnestic&International business, and the Singapore 330&350ULR business

  24. Fake news.
    Various attempts to book one way from AMD and other sub-con cities to JFK,
    between October and March were all displayed via FRA.

  25. @Mark

    Don’t know what drugs you’re on but I found a seat in November on SQ site.

    Seems you’re the fake news

  26. Well there’s still the potential to earn triple with just a direct flight in Premium Economy… (Click on my handle name above for the link to that post explaining it.)

  27. Hotels in Ahmedabad are priced well. Any recommendations from those familiar with the city? Just a one night stay…..

  28. @Marcus.. the are a few… the Hyatt regency or the Hyatt Ahmedabad, Renaissance, Courtyard by Marriott, or even the Crowne Plaza should work… baring the Hyatt Regency which is 15-20 mins from the airport all the other are approx 35-45 mins away.

  29. has anyone had any success pricing this D fare out through a portal? i’ve tried UR/MR online and by phone, and nobody seems to be able to price it, claiming various reasons (no seats left, fare changing, all of which are not true). EF shows D4 for many dates still, and i can get seats/everything through payment on SQ website.

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