Singapore Airlines’ Suite(s) Valentine’s Day Surprise

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I do love Singapore Airlines Suites Class, and find it to be one of the all around most impressive products. On a good day, service in Suites Class is the best offered by any airline.


In terms of the soft product, perhaps what tickles meĀ most about Suites Class is that you have your choice between Dom and Krug. And there’s a certain sense of pride the cabin crew working the cabin get in serving it, in my experience.

When they ask if you’d like a glass of champagne before takeoff, they almost invariably have this smirk on their face as they say “and would you prefer Dom Perignon or Krug?”


Well, as someone who loves champagne and sweets, I’m extremely jealous of those flying in Singapore Airlines Suites Class from New York to Frankfurt tomorrow. In cooperation with New York’s Gotham Bar & Grill, Singapore Airlines Suites Class passengers flying from New York to Frankfurt on Valentine’s Day will receive handmade bonbons consisting of Dom Perignon and Krug.

Here’s the video explaining the special surprise:

I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t help but look at Suites Class award availability for tomorrow’s flight, to see if there’s any way I can change my plans around to get on the flight. Unfortunately the lowest award level is “Standard,” which I’m not springing for.


But damn, doesn’t that look delicious?

Anyone flying Suites Class from New York to Frankfurt tomorrow?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. Well they do look more “typical” chocolate pralines with a chamapagne filling and not “bonbons” might be worth to change that Ben

  2. Considering that JFK-FRA is virtually never available as a Saver award these days, those “bonbons” will cost anyone getting them a pretty penny in either $ or miles. So I’m not jealous. Our flights this Summer FRA-SIN-HKG in Suites will be just fine with “only” the Dom and Krug. Not to mention the jonnie walker Blue. šŸ™‚

  3. They look amazing and make me want to eat at Gotham again it’s been so long! Such a classic NYC restaurant.

    @Tina, pralines are made with nuts, usually caramelized almonds or hazelnuts (, there are no nuts in these chocolates, just white chocolate, a dusting of cocoa and a white chocolate champagne ganache filling. So you are incorrect, these are not pralines. The term “bonbon” just means a “sweet” so is all encompassing, therefore Ben’s use of it is perfectly correct.

  4. Why not just buy a bottle of Dom, Krug, or both and save the miles and skip the unnecessary flight? You know it’s not necessary to get on an airplane to drink Dom or Krig, right?

  5. “…have this smirk on their face as they say ā€œand would you prefer Dom Perignon or Krug?ā€”

    That’s a Gary Leff line.

  6. FFS, the “smirking” is probably more in your booze-addled head than anything remotely grounded in reality.

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